Your quick ‘n’ nifty guide to designing a brand that works FOR you; the kind that gets your customers waiting on your every move with their wallets at the ready, and your competitors weeping into their cold coffees wishing they were more like you!

Since I discover this world of design 15+ years ago I’ve been obsessed with helping people, like you, create visual brands that Stand Out for all the right reasons.



Brands that not only inspire your customers to invest with you but inspire YOU to invest in you


Brands that stand up for what you believe in, and feel like home


Brands that allow you to build that vision you have for your business and your life without sacrificing your soul, your savings and every ounce of your sanity!

And it's powerful stuff. Once you’re armed with your core brand personality style you can create a visual identity with intention.


Express who YOU are
in a way that allows your audience to understand you, even before you’ve spoken a word together

Evoke the perfect emotions and feelings
in your audience, so they’ll be itching to work with you over everyone else

Be distinctive and instantly recognisable
when your business shows up on and offline


In a world where we’re bombarded and overwhelmed,

the right visuals cut through the noise, attract the right people, and give you the satisfaction of expressing your true self.

That’s why personality branding can change your life!

Because once you know who you are, you get a framework within which to explore how you show up.

In other words, your visuals can make someone more, or less, likely to buy from you.

Now, most businesses leave this reaction to chance, which is a wasted opportunity. 

When you invest in your brand. You get to influence the type of reaction you evoke in your perfect audience.


In other words, you get to create an experience through your design, which helps people connect with you and your offerings - so they can decide if they want to buy what you've got.

That's what branding is all about. It’s more than how you look, it’s about using fonts, images, and colours to create an emotional connection between who you are (and what you're offering) and your perfect customer.

When you nail it, then the magic happens, and by magic, we're talking authority, connection, and sales! Because as Zig Ziglar said...

“People don’t buy for logical reasons, they buy for emotional reasons”

It’s true. Us humans are a crazy bunch!

As much as we like to think we make rational decisions, we don't. Instead, we're driven by our emotions - and it’s visuals, which first evoke those first, instinctive emotions.


We first learn to see the world through visuals. It's the oldest form of communication. Before we learn language we learn how to connect visuals to feelings and that connection usually happens in an instant, without us really knowing it just happened.

It's why we always judge books by their covers!

No matter what’s inside, I'll always want the bottle of wine with the best label!

Yes, we are a fickle bunch!

More often than we'd like to admit, we buy because of an emotional pull towards a person or a product. An instinct, a knowing, a feeling… you see something and suddenly you’ve just GOT to have it!

And it’s because of the way that us humans are wired that you’ve got to take your branding seriously. That’s because the right brand creates an environment that stimulates emotional connections - consistently.

And consistently is the key word here.

When you understand your branding, you show up, in the same way, ALL THE TIME.

It doesn’t vary or confuse. Instead it’s distinctive to you - and as a result, your audience recognises you instantly when you appear.


When it comes to creating your brand, and all the associated visuals, it’s got to be built from the inside out.  

In other words, your brand must start with YOU.

Specifically, it needs to reflect who you are. It needs to showcase your personality. It needs to feel real.

This is especially true if you are selling yourself.

When you’re the face of your business you want your visuals to reveal more about you. You want to attract people who like you for who you are. You want your visual identity to give an audience an insight into what you’d be like to work with.

That way you can attract your perfect audience, and turn off the rest.

If your brand doesn’t start with you, it won’t fit you perfectly. What’s more, you’ll feel awkward sat inside of it because it won’t reflect your true self.

Remember, you are your business’s most valuable asset.

YOU are what makes your business unique.

In fact, YOU will more often than not be the reason that people want to work with you.

So why not be more you?

Why not allow your brand to express who you really are not who you think you need to be?

Build a brand on you and it’s founded on something meaningful. It’s no longer finger in the air decisions, but choices based on something real, something you.

When you put you at the centre of your brand you no longer make random choices about how you show up. You don’t try to appeal to an audience that’s constantly changing their tastes. You’re not swayed by the latest fad or what’s trendy.


That’s because although you’re going to evolve and change over time, the core of who you are remains.

And when you leverage those fundamentals, your brand has longevity, substance, and uniqueness.

Remember, there isn’t a ‘perfect brand’.

One size does NOT fit all.

Trends come and go. The only way to create a brand that doesn’t always need to evolve is to create one that showcases you.

When you dig into this, you’ll find it’s hugely empowering. Suddenly you don’t need to be the extrovert or have a BIG personality. You can be the quiet, serious introvert who is super amazing at

what you do, but understated with your impact and still create a brand that attracts your perfect customer effortlessly.

You understand yourself - so you can reflect the best aspects of your personality to the world.


What's this got to do with colours and fonts and images?

Most people understand the fact that our decisions are influenced by visuals. They get that we make buying decisions based on how something looked and therefore how it made them feel.

But despite this understanding, there’s not a lot of businesses investing in their brand identity.

It’s not their fault… more often than not it’s because people don’t know how to express themselves in a visual way. And as a result, they default to something like Canva or PicMonkey because some visuals are better than nothing right?


Just as the right visuals evoke the feelings and reactions you want, the wrong visuals can turn your audience off.


Oh, one more thing, before we start with the really juicy content, I would like to make a bold statement.

I know this information has the potential to change your life!

And if that sounds dramatic, my over-excitement is a testament to how much I frickin’ love this stuff and the results this work has got for my clients. Because when it comes to your brand personality, what you're looking at is 15 years of experience in the world of visual identity and branding – all summed up in 5 brand personality types.

Crazy right? But true…

Through my years of researching visual design and working with clients 121 on their brand identities, I’ve discovered that everyone falls into one of these 5 brand categories

*The Disruptor  *The Purist  *The Visionary *The Adventurer  *The Pioneer

Well everyone tends to fall into two or more of these categories, but there's always a dominant one. Your CORE brand personality style.


Instagram - Graphics 2018


You, my friend, were put on this earth to shake things up. ⠀

To disrupt the norm, to challenge the way of thinking. ⠀

To interrupt the conversation and introduce a new view, a new opinion, a new way of thinking. But that doesn't mean you're standing from the rooftops shouting, you might be, but as a disruptor you may also be under the surface, rocking the boat without causing a big splash! ⠀

You are a catalyst. You naturally challenge the way things are done and look to make them better. You are always questioning whether things can be done differently, ⠀
or whether it’s time for a change. You get a kick out of bending the rules. ⠀

Brand Values:⠀
Power. Freedom. Innovation. Impact. Change. Creativity. ⠀

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Above all, you seek a simple life, free from all the drama, a life away from the over complicated funnels and must follow formulas of the online world. ⠀

You opt for the direct route. No mess. No overthinking. ⠀

Straight and simple is the way you like it best. You refuse to believe that the world is a complicated place and usually quick to find simple, effective solutions for all situations. ⠀

You’re known as the un-complicator, the un-muddler, the gal to go to when you can't see the trees for the forest let alone the wood! While others are living lives that seem busy and fast-paced, you’re striving for a slower, more meaningful way of being. ⠀

You crave simplicity. Your highest purpose is to find the most direct stress-free path through life.⠀

Brand Values:⠀
Simplicity. Happiness. Purity. Trust. Open. Fun.⠀

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You’re a changemaker, a visionary, someone with a deep ability to transform things, situations, people, making the undesirable desirable again. ⠀

You make people feel better just by being around you! ⠀

You sense things, you seem to say the right thing at the right time. You help people see things differently, bringing clarity to the big question; what next? ⠀

People come to you to bring their vision to life...⠀

Brand Values:⠀
Vision. Transformation. Intuition. Empowerment. Beauty. Calm. ⠀

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You’re a free spirit on a mission to find a better way of being, doing, living, experiencing. ⠀

You are ambitious, there is so much drive inside of you but it’s not all about the destination - you live for the journey, the experience, everything along the way. ⠀

Your highest purpose is to discover what it really means to be YOU even if that means constantly moving from one thing to the next, which you find yourself doing in business… new ideas, new ways of delivering, new ways to create experiences for your audience are all around you and choosing just one thing to focus on forever feels like a trap!⠀

Brand Values:⠀
Freedom. Creativity. Truth. Vision. Independence. Connection.⠀

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You’re an innovator. You’re a catalyst for creative energy,
an inspirational hot spot, bubbling with ideas. You have so much passion inside you when people are around you they can’t help but feel fired up, your passion is contagious.

You often feel pulled in so many different directions because there are so many things you want to create.

You live for originality, for true and honest self-expression.

Brand Values:
Imagination. Inspiration. Adventure. Creative. Original

It’s easy for me to spot your brand personality in just a few simple questions. Ask my clients, I've got a 100% success rate to keep up.

So let me show you how you can find out your brand personality, the one that is unique to you in my Brand Personality Quiz. You'll get the clarity your business needs to take that all-important first step in creating a visual identity that truly stands out.

With this in your hands, you'll have the framework for turning that vision you have for your business into the visual everyone can see.

Alongside your personal results, you will also get a nifty PDF guide to using your visual brand style to attract your perfect customers. PLUS an overview of your brand values AND some visual examples so you can start to pull together your own brand.

The value of images go a lot deeper than physical appearance alone:

They evoke reactions

They determine how someone feels about you, at a subconscious level

They influence if someone likes, or doesn’t, like you

They even determine whether people hang around for a closer look - or give their attention to the next thing that catches their eye.

Trust me… or trust what my clients say about it… just changing your colours on your website can have a massive impact on your bottom line.


You'll start attracting the kind of people that are right for your business and that's a whole lot more fun and profitable.


-- What Now? --

Take the quiz and start using YOUR personality to create your own ‘I want what she’s got’ brand

Remember, when you take the quiz you get:

* Your personal brand explained *

* Your personal audience who will be attracted to you, this in itself saves a lot of time trying to work through Ideal Client Avatar stuff *

* Your personal brand values *

* A PDF with examples of how you can show up visually to reflect your and your personality so you can attract more clients *