Every design choice communicates a message.
Do you know what your business is saying about you?

For the unconventional, the entrepreneur who knows money loves speed, and when it comes to getting their thing in front of the right people the right time is right NOW.

Working exclusively with Dee over 2 days we’ll DeeBrand your business - stripping right back to why you started this thing called business in the first place and focus on turning that vision you've got inside your head into visuals your customers can see and feel exactly who you are and what you do so you never ever have to answer that dreaded question again.... so what do you do?


How it works...


The moment you say yes we’ll get to work, we’ll get you booked in for your sessions with Dee and send you some pre-session work to get cracking with - nothing too strenuous, this is all about making things easy and stress-free for you so you can crack on with what you do best… making money!

Session 1:

We’ll get together in the morning and work through your personal brand style together. I’ll come armed with questions and coffee - if you need it and we’ll dive deep for an hour on all things you. You then get to chill out for a few hours, take a walk, get some air, or get cracking on those launch plans you’ll want in place for showcasing your drool-worthy new brand. When we get back together in the afternoon you’ll have your visual brand identity ready and waiting for you. Yup. This is some seriously focused time together and we’re both on fire now so we’ll make some tweaks and changes if you need them and by the end of the day you’ll be skipping into the sunset with your new brand visuals ready and raring to go.

Session 2:

Now we’ve had a good night's sleep and a day to reflect we’ll hop back to it in the morning and review any stuff that might have popped up in our dreams - if we need to we’ll dive back in and edit any aspects of your visual brand, nothing major though cause you are loving on this brand style so much you’re itching to get cracking and see all your launch visuals ready to go. We’ll knock heads for an hour on what exactly you want to say and how on your launch graphics, I’ll be here to try your ideas on so we can see what best fits and then off you pop to pour yourself a cuppa or a tall glass of bubbly and off I’ll go to magic up a full set of launch graphics for you based on everything we’ve dreamed up over the past 2 sessions.

What's Included:

* Brand Strategy & Development
* Logo Design & Development
* Full Brand Guidelines
* Icon & Imagery Design & Development
* 3 Page Website Design Mock-Up
* Web Design Elements & Template
* Social Media Design Templates
* Marketing Design Templates
* Other Design Elements as Agreed

Your Investment

DeeBrand Intensive: £5000
Your DeeBrand Intensive is hosted over 2 days ensuring your brand visuals are ready to go within just 1 week. Perfect for those who need it NOW. 

DeeBrand Expansion: £3500
Your DeeBrand Expansion is hosted over 2 months ensuring your brand visuals are ready to go by the end of the second month. Perfect for those who need a little bit more time.

To find out more & enquire for the next available session email: dee@bydeesign.co.uk


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