why it's all about you & nothing to do with you...

Confused about what your brand is & how, or where, or when it’s going to help you build that vision you have for your business

Watch this 48-minute brand masterclass and discover what your brand of unforgettable can do for your business

No pitch, just chock-full-a good stuff!


Calling all Disobedient Internet Entrepreneurs, Business NOT as usual Owners, Boss-free Troublemakers and Unemployable Creatives - if you’re the kind of person who likes to make your own rules, this is for you


In the short time I spent doing the work in the bootcamp, I realized even though I thought I was being as specific as possible, I needed to drill down even more to the problem my audience wants to solve. In telling my story I was able to go from very general to more specific and I saw how much stronger that was. Looking back now, that second version of my story seems kind of wimpy compared to what I've learned here. This is so much fun!

Julie Holly

It was really great, obviously (:D) and it made me realise how I've been avoiding marketing because I didn't know what to sound like. And I'm looking forward to changing that!

Alex Platt
Screen Shot 2019-08-29 at 10.39.07

I had learned many things about how to create my brand; yet, I didn’t know how to put it all together in a way that made sense to me. What your [bootcamp] offered me was the visuals, the basic steps, the tangible ways to think about how to design my brand. It was simple to follow & implement, satisfying to create & aligned with who I was in my brand. I guess the thing that you did was to get me out of my head and into just being my brand. Yahoo!

Josette Williams

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