change the rules, change the game, and change the world

You want a brand that’s impossible to ignore + impossible to forget

A brand that perfectly positions you for profit + prestige 

A brand that blends sharp strategy + daring design for maximum impact

A brand that dazzles your audience + dominates your industry 

A brand that’s built on all the perfect and imperfect parts of who you are, not who the gurus on the internet say you should be


"This should be a prerequisite to any program or course. I have wasted thousands in courses which I couldn't complete or didn't get results with because I didn't have the brand clarity Brand & Launch has given me"


Brand Graduate



In who you are, what you do, and why YOU ARE THE CLEAR CHOICE for your perfect customers.



Waking up every day feeling that firey sense of confidence that what you're doing, what you're sharing, WHAT YOU'RE SELLING IS WHAT YOUR AUDIENCE NEEDS to see today.



Stop living month to month in that feast or famine flow. Design your brand to CREATE A CONSISTENT INCOME THAT FEELS GOOD.



Working with Dee on the Brand and Launch programme has been a truly valuable learning experience which I will take through life as well as my business.  I have even started giving branding advice to people with even less experience than me! 

Who would have thought that only 8 weeks on my knowledge would already have started to become second nature.

Understanding the theory and process of creating a brand from knowing very little to feeling confident about how to speak to my target market through my brand has grown both my brand and my confidence in my business.

Dee's expertise and style made it easy to learn a topic outside my comfort zone and the amount of content and templates included is phenomenal.

Thanks Dee!


Brand & Launch was so different from anything I have done before in relation to finding my brand and I realised I was unearthing some hidden brand values that I never knew I had!
I have been asked a few times what my "brand values" were and to be honest I didn't have a bloody clue! I have googled and that didn't help either. But Dee found a way to uncover a set of values that I really, truly feel every day but had never noticed. I am really proud now to know what my values in my brand and my life (same thing) are!
The value was WAY more than the price! If I worked out how much time Dee gave us and how personal her advice was, we got so much more than what we paid for the course - it was almost like a personal brand re-evaluation, but with others on the same journey.
I am so in love with my brand now, and after 5 years have commissioned someone to build me a new website - with a really clear idea of what I want it to look like and I credit that confidence to Dee.

If you have any hesitation at all, do whatever you can to work with Dee. You will be so happy you did.

You get clear on who you are and how you relate to your business

You get clear on how you want to show up as a business owner

You get clear on who your ideal customer is, which may surprise you

You get clear on how you want to relate to your ideal customer

THEN you start to think about what you want your business to represent to your ideal customer so you can attract the right people and enjoy your work more.

You learn how to choose the right colors and fonts to create the right feel

You learn how to put it all together for an overall feel that will speak to your ideal customer

And as if all that isn’t enough you learn how to create your own designs so you don’t have to keep coming back to have someone else do it for you. (Each time you come back it will cost so that's a definite savings)

You get into creating your brand offerings to be sure everything you offer is cohesive and on point with your brand so all the work you just did is now getting out into the world.

You get a review of what and how to present including website elements and social media platforms

AND you get a ton of templates to help spark your creative juices in creating your own images.

All the while you have an expert at your side teaching you what she knows and teaching you how to be independent.



My favourite thing about Brand & Launch was the clarity around my business and how it all ties together

When I saw B&L come up I knew it would be good as I have worked with Dee over many years but the timing for me was awful. I was moving house and things were a bit crazy. I was also fearful that I wouldn't be able to create anything myself and would be better paying someone to just do it for me. However, I kept being called towards joining so I decided to sign up and committed to come to all the calls and see what happened. Well, I was completely blown away.
The content was delivered in such a way that it was super easy to fit in. Short lessons were easy to consume (no hour-long sessions with lots of padding here!) We then had a small task each week which expertly led us through to designing our own brand. However, the brand elements were just icing on the cake for me really. What I got which was the most valuable thing of all was complete clarity over what I wanted to do and offer in the world and the brand I created pulled all of this together in the most beautiful of way. When I joined I was confused around my offering and had many different 'things' going on.. like most creative entrepreneurs do! Since B&L I have such clarity and from that, I am building a business which gives me goosebumps.
I had never had a brand which I felt was more me. I connected with it deeply and felt such pride and joy when I saw the finished thing WHICH I HAD CREATED! Because I was there throughout the whole journey of the brand design I got to put every element of me into it. I don't think I would have ever reached something which was so connected to who I am if I had just paid a designer to do it for me.
I still can't believe I was able to create something so beautiful but with Dee's incredible eye which tweaks things along the way it truly is possible to be the designer of your brand.
I believe this should be a prerequisite to any program or course. I have wasted thousands in courses which I couldn't complete or didn't get results with because I didn't have the brand clarity Brand & Launch has given me.
Thanks Dee for all that you do <3