You’re dull and boring


Think you’re dull and boring? Then you probably are.


If you’re not crazy in love with your brand right now, if you’re hiding your website away from the shame of being out of date with yourself, if you’re not singing from the digital rooftops in an ever so polite but totally awe inspiring look at me fashion…


The tough news is,

No one’s really looking at you.

We’re all busy, we’ve all got our own stuff to handle, and if what you’ve got ain’t grabbing me by the balls and hitting me right in the gut, in a good way, like when you poke a bruise cause it hurts but feels good – no? just me?! If you’re not reaching people where it matters, deep in their minds, pulling at their heartstrings and making them fall in love with you, then you’re brand ain’t working for you.


Tough love.


But I’m not here to be your friend, I’m here to help you increase your profitability – make more money, reach more people, spread your message till it sets the world on fire.


Ok, actually setting the world on fire might not be a smart move but you get the picture.


And it’s those pictures that matter.


That image your brand creates in the mind of your customers, whether it comes from the verbal or the visual, creating a picture of who you are, what you stand for and how you can help your customers is the job of your brand.

And that’s exactly what I got to talking about with Julie Hall last week as part of The Expert’s Way marketing summit.


Watch the recording here…



A few highlights:

How to choose the right images for your brand

What are the key elements to building an online brand identity

How do you make your brand reflect all the different parts of you and your business

What if we think our brand style is dull and boring

What do we do about website shame?

Should we be branding ourselves or our business?



Links mentioned in the video:

Colour Series: What the colour of your brand is really saying about you…

Your Brand Handbook: 5 Steps to Create a Brand that Works for YOU



Now I’d love to hear from you, how does your brand make you feel? And what lasting impression do you want potential customers to walk away with after they’ve ‘met’ your brand online?


Leave me a comment below or join the discussion over in our Facebook community.




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