You didn’t manifest this. You made this happen.

????What I hate about ‘manifesting’ ????⠀


I almost have an allergic reaction when I hear that word. Like it’s going to make me break out in a rash and leave me itching! Which it kinda does, it brings out an involuntary reaction in me that seems to get stronger with time.

No amount of fluorescent pink camomile lotion will calm this itch!⠀

What really gets my goat about manifesting is the way it’s talked about like it’s some kind of magic. Like the universe just stopped by your vision board and went ‘nice cut and stick work lady, here’s your 7-figure business’ because it’s all about the 7-figure business now right – but that’s another tale! ⠀

It seems if you want to manifest really well you need to journal, vision board, get some crystals, meditate on it, relax into your flow… and all sorts of other buzzwords flying around.⠀

The thing that seems to get forgotten is the doing part. The bit where you actually get up off your arse and make these opportunities you’ve worked for happen. ⠀

Becuase you have worked for them.

No one got that 7-figure business sitting on the floor surrounded by crystals and magazine clippings from frantically up-levelling their vision board.⠀

Yes, you have to get your head straight, you need a vision, you have to make plans to create the life you want BUT then you have to go out there and make that life happen.⠀

You have to do the work. ⠀

And no ‘work’ doesn’t have to be hard, where we got that association from is worth exploring and removing from your world, and if you need to journal that shit out then go for it. ⠀

But don’t forget that when you’re done with all these things you are the one that gets up every day and makes stuff happen.

You are the one that takes your visions and makes them your reality.⠀

It’s all down to you.⠀

Show up. ⠀
Be you. ⠀
Do your thing, your way. ⠀
And reward yourself for the work you do. ⠀

You didn’t manifest this. ⠀
You made this happen.⠀







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