The Year of the REAL Expert Brand

I predict: 2015 Will Be The Year Of The REAL Expert Brand…

As clichéd as it sounds I’ve got a seriously good feeling about this year…

You see, I believe 2015 will be the year of the Real Expert Brand – all the signs are there. And if you’re prepared to make the leap and the investment (and put in the work of course), I believe this is the year that big stuff is happening for you.  

Fact is we’re on the tip of a HUMONGOUS digital change.

This is part of a shift I’ve noticed more and more over the past couple of months. It’s a change that will accelerate as 2015 gets underway when people return from their holidays and start fully implementing their plans.

Here’s a quick peek into what I’ve noticed…

Content overwhelm is having a BIG impact.

Everyone is sharing information these days! Whilst it’s necessary if you want to grow an expert business, it’s just so easy to do. As a result, it’s become seriously noisy out there! I mean it seems everyone is an expert these days! And whilst information overload has been acceptable, people are getting tired. People are fed up with hyped up marketing that promises the earth (and fails to deliver). People have become desensitized and overwhelmed – and they’re getting frustrated trawling through the trash to locate the good stuff.

And so, your audience is becoming more selective. They want to cut the noise. They’re filtering out the crap and cutting loose from rubbish lists, poor quality information, and hyped up garbage. They’re not giving their attention as easily. Instead, they’re choosing to listen to a few REAL experts who they trust will tell them what they need to know.

But, what does this mean for my expert brand, Dee?

I predict 2015 will see lots of so-called experts get dumped whilst the real experts earn the attention

And here lies a MAHOUSIVE opportunity for you.

You see, I know you’re the real deal.

You’re not adding to the noise by creating pointless content and sharing your “seven secrets” because it sounds good. Instead, you’ve got a proper track record. You’re already really doing it for your customers. You’ve already got a tight tribe of loyal fans who love what you do and tell their friends. You have your own Facebook group that’s buzzing with engagement – and you even ran a business challenge during 2014 to grow your list and mobilise new people around you.

You’re a real expert

You’re not simply regurgitating and repositioning other people’s content and packaging it up as your own. Instead, you’re sharing your unique voice and expertise that’s drawn from real experience.

This is stuff that can’t be faked. And that’s why (given the right framework), you could be one of the few that will survive the cull and rise from the crowd of “wannabes” to claim real expert space.

Yup, I believe this is possible if you would just invest in your brand! You know it (and I know it) that your brand – your physical representation of your business – is letting you down right now.

There’s just one thing missing…

And yes, I know your existing brand has served you well.

After all, it’s got you to the point you’re at right now. But I doubt it’s enough to take you to the next level?

You see I bet your current circle of influence has been built on a lot of good will. What do I mean by this? Your name has spread through word of mouth and the personal endorsements of people who know you.  When you come highly recommended, people are willing to make concessions, if your brand doesn’t do you justice, you may still get the customer.

But building a business in this way has limitations because you’re reliant on people who know who you are.

When you step out of your current sphere of influence to attract total “strangers”, those first impressions matter more than you know.

Fact is us humans are a fickle bunch. It may be undesirable, but we do make snap judgements based on appearances. And if your current branding fails to communicate your true expertise, you’ve lost a chance to grow your Tribe and your business.

If your brand is wrong, you can’t:

• Charge a premium price (remember the example from The Apprentice?)
• Build instant “know, like, trust” with strangers
• Fill a first time web visitor with the confidence you’re the real deal
• Silence the wannabes
• Do justice to the true expert that you are

Instead, when a stranger encounters you for the first time, you’ll be lumped amongst all the other wannabe solicitors, or coaches, or copywriters. And whilst you will enjoy success in 2015, it won’t be your potential.

So don’t stand for second best…

Kick-Start 2015 with a DeeBrand

If you want to make 2015 the year that your Real Expert Brand was born, start right now!

My intensive, one-to-one CTFO sessions are perfectly designed to nail your expert brand identity and uncover your profitable, personable brand – all in a day!

Imagine YOU + the CTFO personable branding process + ME – focused – for one intense day of brand building creativity that will transform your expert status. Here’s what we’ll do:

• Discover your core why
• Craft your profitable, personable brand, which your “Mr Perfect Customer” will love
• Discover a brand that speaks your business message – even when you’re not there
• A brand that positions you as the true expert you are (none of this copycat nonsense)
• A brand that takes your business to the next level, naturally and without the need for any of that hyped up marketing nonsense


Here’s how you can create the Real Expert Brand

I’d LOVE to work with you – but there’s a catch… I only have space for one of these a month. That way you get the best of me, my undivided attention, and all my creative energy.  

As a result, if you want to create a profitable, personable brand in 2015 you need to act fast…

So book your slot and read full details HERE.

But that’s not all…

If you book your slot before Friday 16th January, I will guarantee your preferred date PLUS I’ll give you a month of my More You service (worth £997) FREE! **CLOSED**


Seriously, this is the best offer if you’re serious about owning your expert brand this year.  And believe me, the combination of a Kickstarter + More You will do amazing things for your brand.  

I predict that 2015 will be the year of the Real Expert Brand. So don’t get left behind.

Instead, apply for your Session today and transform your positioning, your profits, and your performance.

Speak soon.



  1. Sarah Jackson on January 14, 2015 at 4:03 pm

    Well, you know I love your designs Dee. Using your templates again this week. Am getting the hang of it now. I’m sure anyone working with you on their branding will walk away with a top end result.

  2. Essence of a Family on January 19, 2015 at 11:51 am

    Have shared this for future reference as I’m not quite a business. Great stuff though!

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