Why showing up consistently is all down to your personality…

Everyone knows that launching a digital product is a good thing.

You know the benefits:

  • Working the one to many over one to one format
  • Creating something once and selling it over and over
  • Finally getting out of the time for money trap
  • Creating something that works for you – rather than the other way around!

The list goes on and on…

Launching a digital product can be a gamechanger… if you actually do it.

Committing to doing it is the first hurdle, but creating the thing isn’t the hard bit, it’s not a case of build it and they will come. When is it ever?!

That’s why showing up consistently in your brand is so important. 

But when your brand style isn’t quite fitting you, when something doesn’t quite feel right about the visuals you’re using to share your message, when you feel like you’re turning up to the party wearing someone else’s clothes 2 sizes too small! You start to think staying home is actually the better idea. 

When you’re not letting your personality into your brand it gets harder and harder to show up consistently. 

On the flip, when you create a brand style that is based on you, on your personality, on all the little quips and quirks that make you YOU, showing up daily in your brand becomes as second nature as making that vat of coffee before you start your day.

You’ll be reaching for the microphone to shout about your thing, you’ll be showing up everywhere sharing your message – visually and verbally.

You’ll be so comfortable standing in the middle of the room, that burning feeling of eyes judging your ill-fitting brand visuals will be a distant memory… a dot on the horizon.

You’ll wake up wanting to share your story, your message, your offerings online.

You’ll wake up knowing that when you do show up online, you’re doing so in a way that is ALL YOU. That no one can ever copy. That no one could ever accuse you of copying. 

When you create your brand from your personality first you create a connection in your brand that your customers can’t help but fall in love with. But most importantly YOU can’t help but fall in love with. And when you love your brand this much showing up consistently is the natural thing to do.

You might think designing a brand is complicated and expensive, but the cost is nothing compared to continuing to show up with visuals that say nothing about you, or worse say all the wrong things about you – that send those perfect customers running to your competitors before they get a sniff of your offers page!.

When you know who you are, who your perfect customers are and how your personality fits into the process you create a brand – visually & verbally, that bridges the gap between your and your perfect customers making it easy for them to buy from you.

And it all starts with knowing and embracing your personality style. Let me show you how to get started using your personality in your brand in just a few minutes…

Step 1: Take the Brand Personality Quiz (take the quiz here)

Step 2: Use these results to review your current brand style 

Step 3: Update your brands visual and verbal style to reflect your core personality style (see your quiz results)

Step 4: Wake up wanting to share your brand everywhere!

Finally, choose to check in with and update your brand style regularly. 

Every time you grow in your business, every time you launch something new, every time you start to feel a twinge of not wanting to show up consistently. Take a look at your current brand style and check it’s keeping up with you! 

Most people struggle to show up consistently because as their business grows and changes, as their message grows and changes, as they grow and change, their visual brand stays the same. 

If you’re not showing up because you feel something isn’t quite right in your brand, if you find yourself paralysed from sharing content for fear of visual & verbal embarrassment – that’s easy to fix. 

Start by taking the brand personality quiz to see how your brand should be showing up for you & if you have any Qs hit reply and let me know.

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