Why 95% of Business Owners Will Never Unlock The Hidden Profit In Their Brand

Ever wondered why some business owners get all the attention?

Mention their area of expertise and loads of people say their name, rave about them and go on about how great they are to work with.

Now I bet you’d like some of that right?

Well today I’m going to reveal the secret to this sizzling hot success. And it really is quite simple.

These business owners have simply figured out what a brand really is. AND then they’ve worked their brand to help them unlock the sorts of profits most business owner’s only dream of. On the other hand, the other 95% of business owners work themselves like crazy, but because they never “get” branding or they kid themselves it’s only for the big boys with the big bucks, they miss out on the potential to charge what they’re really worth.

So if that’s woken you up, get yourself comfy and keep reading because today I’ll reveal the four branding secrets most designers don’t want you to know.

And the first one’s a SHOCKER…



You might think the perfect brand starts with your customer avatar. It’s what a lot of designers tell you and so instead of ripping up that annoying little template, you’ve forced yourself to write one. But don’t you find it just a little restrictive? I know I do. I mean, is it really possible to narrow down your market to just one clear and succinct type of person?

I reckon that’s just plain wrong.

Let’s look at it another way. If I asked you to think of your perfect customer, I bet a particular client would instantly spring to mind (and make you smile)… And I bet you thought of that particular person because you love working with them as much as they love working with you. Now wasn’t that a lot easier? It might be subtle but it’s a very important difference and here’s why…

Just imagine what would happen to your business success if you had a brand identity that worked like a magnet to attract more of these “perfect” people to your digital doorstep?

Isn’t that far more exciting than pulling your hair out over an avatar!

So I reckon your biggest mistake up until now is you’ve thought about branding from the wrong angle. But don’t worry. You’re forgiven because you’ve been misled by that nasty customer avatar monster and have focused on figuring out who you think you should attract, rather than focusing on who you naturally attract.

Now here’s the good news. If you really want a sizzling hot, profit-boosting brand the secret to is a lot closer than you think…

It’s actually lurking inside you RIGHT NOW just waiting to be uncovered. I bet you didn’t expect that!




It sounds too simple right, but the magic really does happen when you create a brand built on your personality that captures your WHY story. Just being you is enough to attract those people you just love to work with and when you share your message with these people in your own voice, you’ll connect and get remembered.

I’ll say it again… YOU are enough. Just being yourself is the silver bullet that will attract the right type of people to your digital doorstep.

And it gets better… Because your brand is based around you – it’s totally unique. When you step inside, the magic happens. But if someone else tries to copy you – well that’s just plain wrong! So this little thing called a brand suddenly becomes a priceless asset that no one else can replicate or touch. And that’s what makes you stand out and ensures you’re the ONLY person who springs to mind for “Mr Perfect Customer of your Dreams”.

Cool right!




But the work doesn’t stop there. The next step to creating a kick-ass, profit-boosting brand is to build it on the experience you want customers to have when they interact with you. It’s a conscious decision you need to make that involves:

  • Taking responsibility for defining and creating that experience

  • Ensuring the experience is consistent at every touch point of your business

  • Controlling how people experience your brand whenever they come across it

And yes, it is hard work because you’ve got to live your brand and so the job is never done!

What I mean is you must ensure everything from your website to your social media updates to your email communication as well as all the traditional design elements are consistent with your brand image. But once you crack it, you unlock the potential to attract oodles of the right type people.

And let me tell you something else. The right brand experience will hike up your perceived value so you can start charging what you’re really worth instead of agreeing to work for those “mean” people who don’t appreciate what you can do.




So you see there’s a BIG payback for all this hard work.

When you create a brand that oozes with your personality and consistently delivers an unmissable experience, you’ll find the selling becomes a lot easier. And remember. It’s not about attracting everyone. Instead you’re going to use what you naturally have to attract loads of “Mr Perfect Customer of your Dreams”.

Phew… you can finally wave goodbye to those days of marketing yourself like crazy but attracting the wrong person. Now that’s pretty fab stuff hey!



Now I reckon if you’ve read this far you probably want to create your very own seriously hot personal brand. So between you and me I’m going to share a little bit of the process I use with my clients. I reckon it will give you a head start.

So your little bit of DeeBrand Action for today is to think about these three questions and scribble down your thoughts.

  1. What do you want clients to experience and feel when they work with you?

  2. What does “Mr Perfect Customer of your Dreams” say they love about you the most?

  3. How can your brand experience solve the problems your perfect customer has?


And please share your findings with me. I’d love to know what bits of your personality your ideal customers are already connecting with and raving about. So please leave a comment on this page. And if you have any questions, you know where to find me.


See you soon,


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