What’s in a name…

Hot Secret #6

Picking a name is more than just random words! The name you choose needs to reflect your brand personality, if it doesn’t then your going to at best cause some brand confusion but at worst you’ll have a name which you’ll be too embarrassed to use! I know I’ve been there! And when you’re too embarrassed to use your business name no one else will either!

If you’ve ever wondered if your brand name is hurting your business, check your answers to these questions and if you can say yes to all of them, then you are on to a winner!

  • Your brand name quick check list:
  • Does it have an interesting story? 
  • Is it different to your competition?
  • Does it suit your market?
  • Is it short & memorable?
  • Is it easy to spell?
  • Is it available as a domain?
  • Is it available on social sites?
  • Is free to use? – Check trade mark registers, Companies House?
  • Are you using your keywords?

and finally… 

  • Have you Googled it?

If you only do one thing… do a simple google check! it’s the easiest way to check your amazing new business name is not already known for something you’d rather not be associated with!