What Nobody Will Tell You About Instagram

Instagram. It seems everyone’s an expert in it these days, so longs you’ve got a phone and a sunny day you’re all set!

And the followers, everyone seems to have SO MANY FOLLOWERS but nobody can really tell you how they got them or how to get them yourself or when they do it’s masked with ‘buy my thing that tells you how to get 10k followers this week…’ But what use is an extra 10k followers when they are mostly bots!

That’s the cold hard truth about most Instagram strategies.

You don’t need 10,000 followers this week, and next week, and the week after IF none of those followers actually give a shit about what you do. When all they do is show up, leave the obvious bot stain on your comments and disappear off unfollowing you as fast as they arrived!

Let me cut the crap and share 4 hard truths from my first 1k followers.

I remember working so hard to grow my following, I remember watching them come and go and my measly 237 follower count being stuck on that number for what seemed like forever. It hurt. Not all out broke your arm hurt, but I did do a small sob to myself daily over that frozen followers number, looking longingly at those 100k accounts with their fancy swipe up features, thinking WHY NOT ME! I was shocked to learn that some of the big accounts were just buying followers – just like that, buy them! That information would have been nice to know when I was sitting around feeling sorry for my small follower self!

I don’t want that to happen to you.

So today as I’m celebrating the 1k marker on my own little follower count I’m celebrating life in the small numbers, real connections with real people, and not giving a shit how many followers I have – which, funny enough, is when my following started to boom!

So today I want to let you in on the “10k a day secrets” so that you know exactly how to avoid them. And how YOU get to choose how successful your ‘gram is.

  1. The Follow-Unfollow method is rife for growing your account fast – but it’s shit – don’t do it!
  2. People don’t care about boring profiles, or your cat – most people don’t give a shit about your cat! But they do love a bit of personality, a bit of snark, a bit of a peek into your real life – hello online stalking, everyone loves it!
  3. You don’t need a big following to be a success
  4. That insanely glorious Instagram account you swoon over daily – it has a team of people behind it updating, taking all the pics, and replying to comments all the dang day long.

What does all this tell us?

Well, it shows that trying to grow your instagram is a lot more complicated than most make out, it truly is a visual game and it can be really chuffing expensive if you want to do it well – consistently.

That’s why I created DISRUPT THE TIMELINE. I know all the pitfalls of trying to create visual content for social media. I know it can be expensive and it can feel like you aren’t getting anywhere. DISRUPT THE TIMELINE. is for business owners who want to make a mark on Instagram but don’t want to spend thousands on photography or trying to think of something new and different to share every single day.

With these templates in your hands, in less time than it takes to scroll Instagram for ‘inspiration’ you’ll have over 100 totally unique-to-you images you can use for your brand.  You’ll also know how to create awesome stand-out images for yourself and your business across all the social platforms.

Want in?

To celebrate the love of growing small accounts with love and connection I’m sharing all my visual brand building templates at $100 off this week and you can grab them all here.

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