What makes a great brand – your handy check list


It’s something I get asked all the time, mainly by people sceptical of how creating a great brand can and will make or break your business, “So, what makes a great Brand” Well it’s a deep and complex subject and one that touches every aspect of your business, but I’ve done my best to sum it all up for you with this handy check list covering some of the most important bits to creating a really kick ass brand, have a little look and see how many you can tick off…

Check list

 Your business has a clear core idea

 You can explain what your business story, what it stands for
and how it is different from its competitors, in a couple of sentences.

 Your colleagues also explain this is a similar way

 The outside world understands what your business stands for
and how it differs from its competitors

 You have an effective set of visual elements to communicate your business story

 Everyone in your business knows how and where to use these visual elements

 Your business visuals are memorable and unique
– if you removed your logo from your marketing you could still tell its you!

 Your business name provide a suitable umbrella for future growth

There is no confusion between the name of your core brand and any sub brand

 You have a brand management plan

 Every part of your business is focused to keep your brand consistent


So, how did you get on? I’d love to know, leave a comment below or pop on over to our Facebook page and let me know!


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