What is a brand, anyway?

I’ve been busy preparing lots of great stuff for the soon to launch Get DeeBranded online masterclass series and… as this one little question tends to pop up all the time whenever I meet or talk with people, I thought I would take a few moments to share a couple of insider secrets with you.

Aren’t you lucky eh?

So, What is a brand, anyway?

Well, it’s not a logo for a start, but you already knew that right?

It’s not just your personality, It’s not just your story and It’s not just some ok looking design.

There are a lot of different things that work together to make up a brand. I could talk for hours on all the details but this is not the place for that! I want to keep this post as simple and useful for you as I can, so, here is my super simple formula for creating a great brand:


(Big idea + YOUR personality)

+ Your CUSTOMERS Story = A great Brand


It’s pretty simple when you look at it like that, right?

So, there must be more to it, and there is: Content, Design, Relationships, and Message all support the formula. These are the elements that will build your brand, knowing what they are and how to balance them depends on who you are talking to, but start with the basics first: Idea + Personality + Story. Get to know these and you are well on your way to a great brand.

Inside Get DeeBranded, it’s my mission to help you fill in the gaps so you have something for each of these categories, I’ve even created a handy little graphic so you can see how it all fits together.

A big mistake people make is thinking that they already have a ‘brand’ so that’s that ticked off the list…


brands are an active, living part of your business, they grow and change and need fuelling!
If you’re having a hard time selling or being “seen” as a brand, take a look at the elements in the formula, are you missing anything? or are you feeding one element so much that everything else has become a little neglected?

For example, if you focus only on content and not relationships, you’ll might have a load of great stuff but no one is interacting with it, so no sales!

Similarly if you are all about content but your design is letting you down then your message is lost, you have no brand, and no sales!
This is all about balance… How are you doing with it right now? Do you need to improve in any area?

If you need any help / have questions, just leave me a comment below!

See you soon

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