What if HOW is more important than what?

What if how you do what you do is more important than what you do itself?

You know that what you do is pretty damn brilliant right? But do you ever have that weird sinking feeling that creeps in when you have to try to explain it to someone else.

No matter how many books you’ve read or how many ‘experts’ you’ve listened to, when it comes to that one question ‘so what do you do?’ for most of us that sends a little screaming trigger to our brains.

Now if you’re well practiced at this you might quickly dive into your ‘elevator’ pitch, which hot dang sounds so polished and pro, and DULL… by the 10th, sometimes even the 1st, time you’ve said it you’re bored of it yourself – mental note to say something less practiced next time you’re asked. Or you get a case of the dreaded “um, ah, I…” which makes you roll your eyes at yourself while making a mental note to stop being so stuttery!

So why is it that this one question seems to throw us all into a big case of the wobbles?

The reason, might hurt a bit, so be warned…

What you do isn’t important.

No one really cares what you do.

You can be the absolute king ding at what you do but let’s be honest, I can tell you till i’m blue in the face that I’m the king ding at what I do, but lets face it, you don’t give 2 flying hoots about me telling you what I do.

What you do is no way near as interesting as how you do it.

To take a bit of my own advice, I was sitting down the other week to get started on the first phase of brand development for my 1:1 course brand design client and this idea hit me.

[bctt tweet=”How you do what you do is so much more interesting than what you do. #DeesignTruth”]

So I clicked on that little recording button that hides up in the very corner of my mac and I started recording my screen while I set about designing the initial logo concepts for my client.

Now first up this was just for my client, I wanted to bring her along with me on her course design journey. You brand is a big part of who you are and you should be a part of the process – mental note; all future 1:1 clients will now also get design recordings every step of the way.

As I sat down for hours of design magic, I recorded the whole process… now that’s not an exciting video in it’s entirety, but with a bit of fancy editing (making it faster!) we had a very exciting step by step birthing of this logo mark – now that is exciting.

So armed with this new how way of bringing my client along the creative journey with me I was more excited than normal to share this first round of brand concepts and WOW what an impact this had, sharing every step of the journey allows you to really connect with the how not just the what… and, well, in Julie’s on words….


“Seeing my logo come together was truly amazing, not forgetting the core brand colours and homepage banner that you created. Having you take my words and create them into my brand was amazing – something I couldn’t have done myself – a bit of “you can’t see the forest for the trees”.  However seeing these 3 elements created – literally – rather surprisingly got me connected to how I do what I do at a much deeper level than I’d seen before  and was much more powerful than being presented with the done deal.”


So with Julie’s permission I’ve copied a link to these “The Making Of” videos below for you to join in this process with us, we’ll be adding videos step by step so keep an eye on this link to join in the journey with us.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 16.03.42

CLICK HERE to watch the “The Making Of: Course Brand Identity & Design – Julie Kerr” video series

After all, it’s the HOW behind what we do that really matters.

How can you show more of the HOW behind what you do in your business?

Let me know in the comments below.


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