What I Wish Everyone Knew About Designing Their Brand – Before They Start Designing!


Hindsight is a beautiful thing, right?

When it comes to doing anything – whether it’s baking a cake, starting a business or even planning that holiday, we all go for it hoping for the best.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t keep bad things from happening…

The cake ends up burnt on top and still raw in the middle! That business idea, well it falls apart faster than that cake did and the holiday, don’t get me started on how that did NOT go to plan!

Sometimes you can know it all but still not know enough.

When it comes to designing your brand, you’ve most likely heard all the facts. You’ve pinned all the pretty graphics. You’ve listened to the podcasts, read the books, even taken that course on creating your brand mood board!

After working with hundreds of business owners on their brands, there are still some things people just don’t realise but really should know.

Bookmark this – it will save you a lot of heartaches later.

  1. The planning is going to take way longer than the designing part – and no, you don’t need to hire a designer for this – so no more excuses, you may as well go ahead and dive in to planning your new brand now!
  2. It doesn’t have to be pretty… in fact, it’s better when it’s not… you want to get all the ideas out there, let them free, and that can get messy. It’s good, we can tidy up a mess, we can’t tidy up nothing – so get started and we’ll make it ‘pretty’ afterward.
  3. The business owners who have a basic understanding of what’s at the core of their brands, the core of them, always finish first… even if they never have all those pretty graphics figured out.

The bottom line: Designing your ‘brand’ – the physical elements of your brand, the fonts, colours, logos, graphics, all the tangible elements that go into making your brand visual will be EASY.

It’s the rest that is a lot more difficult; the pre-designing – doing the work on all the internal elements that go into making your brand unforgettable, and post-designing – the ongoing work that happens once you’ve launched your brand that goes into keeping your brand unforgettable.

Aspiring brand owners often spend way too much time getting caught up on the wrong things.

  • They wait for the PERFECT idea to come to them
  • They obsess over specific design elements – like having a beautiful website
  • They try to make what they’re creating looks exactly like that guru whose brand skyrocketed this year!

All of those habits make designing your brand so much harder than it ever should be.

Here are some things you should do instead:

  • Get your general brand structure down first – a brand plan will keep you focused on what you really need to do to build your brand, as opposed to those things that look important but are just procrastination tarted up as vitals.
  • Be prepared for your ideas to go off the rails and go with it – the best brands are built on personality, real life personality, and nothing brings out the real than going off the rails, embrace it, pay attention to it, and use it.
  • Don’t tell people your ideas until you are ready to launch – most people don’t give a shit about your brand, they don’t know your story, your plans, your customers, and they won’t care half as much as you.

These tips will get you started but if you want to dive deeper, then a great place to start is with your personality – because you know you’ve got one… you just might not know how that looks when it comes to your brand, well you will now, so get started with my brand personality quiz and discover how those secret quirks you’ve been hiding are really the key to creating your unforgettable brand.

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And I’ll be coming back and reading all the comments, so comment below and let me know what you wish you knew about creating an unforgettable brand…

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