Were there ‘mean’ girls at your school?

You know the ones. They smile sweetly at your face and then bitch behind your back. And that was always the tricky thing. You never really knew where you stood.

It may be hard to believe, but I was never the popular kid at school! I didn’t attract the flock of people asking to be my friend. Instead, I just kinda hid.

Back then, I was a little bit shy and while I did hang out with the ‘cool crew’, I was never really one of them. Instead, I avoided the spotlight and greyed-out my personality. I blended in and rarely spoke out and that helped me largely avoid the sharp tongue of those mean girls.

But it turned out to be a big price to pay. You see because I shut up, I felt muted and frustrated. And the irony was my strategy wasn’t as successful as I thought.

You see just because I tried to hide, I didn’t become invisible. Of course, other people saw me – and that brought painful consequences.

That’s because instead of telling others who I was, I left it up to them to judge me.

Sure that wasn’t my intention, but it meant people came to the wrong conclusion about me. Perhaps you experienced something similar…

It’s the hard truth. When you’re not ‘yourself’ you end up with the wrong label stuck to your chest.

You become the geek, the bitch, the freak, or the crush (we all wanted to be the crush right!) – even if you’re actually NONE OF THOSE THINGS!

That’s because no matter how much we like to think we don’t judge people WE DO!

Which means if you don’t take charge of how others see you, then you leave it up to them to decide what your label says – even start to bitch about you behind your back!

When the uni years arrived I’d had enough of the hiding. So I grabbed the chance for a fresh start and did a ‘rebrand’.

I wanted to BE MORE ME!

I wanted to reveal my quirkiness and express my creativity – so I started to speak out and back my own corner. Some said I was a little bit outspoken and controversial at times, but I didn’t care. You see I LOVED finding my voice and hooking up with people who connected with the real me. I loved that I was in control of those labels.

And that’s exactly what happens when you take back control of your brand.  

Let me tell you more…

What is your brand saying about you?

Whether it’s your intention or not, your brand will get people talking. And if you don’t purposely shape that conversation, then just like the teenage me, you WILL attract labels that don’t really fit or bitching that’s unfair.

Knowing the type of person you are, I’m pretty sure that’s NOT the result you want.

But the hard truth is if your brand’s been neglected and you’ve starved it of TLC, “there’s a good chance your brand is screwing you over.”

And the terrifying thing is you probably don’t realise the scale of the problem you have on your hands.

It’s my biggest frustration!

All too often I’m up against it because too many business owners think branding is a luxury. They think it’s something that can be parked or postponed for another time. They think there are other more important priorities.

But they’re wrong.

You see a brand that doesn’t tell the truth will:

  •    Undermine your expertise
  •    Cheapen your services
  •    Turn off perfect customers
  •    Attract the wrong audience
  •    Undermine your earnings potential

Shall I go on?

In other words, you’re raining a whole load of sh*t onto your parade if you don’t make sure your brand does you justice.

Which is why you’ve got to do something about it – NOW!

Remember, your brand is a whole lot more than a name, some pretty colours, and a nice logo.

Instead, your brand is what your audience think and feel when they encounter your business – and that makes it one of the biggest influencers when people are deciding whether to buy – or go elsewhere.

So what is a brand, Dee?

Remember, people don’t buy for logical reasons.

Instead, we’re irrational, impulsive, weird beings whose buying choices are influenced by our emotions.

You know how it works.

You go shopping with your friends (or start browsing online) and suddenly you have this irresistible urge to dig into your pockets! That must-have purchase wasn’t even on the radar before you spotted it. In fact, you were being ‘strong’ and had no intention of spending a penny.

But in that moment, you’re overcome. The object of your affection is pulling out your purse and suddenly your brain is overflowing with all reasons why it’s a good idea to buy now!  

The truth is, EMOTIONS PULL ON THE PURSE STRINGS – because they influence our perception and how we feel towards a thing, person, or idea.

This means that every second of the day, your brand is ‘out there’ inspiring emotions and influencing whether or not people want to work with you.

I’ll say it again. You can’t shortcut and make do with your brand. It’s just too risky.

You can’t take a chance on the wrong colours, fonts or visuals – because if you do, you’re going to send the bitching into overdrive and cause your tribe to make all the wrong assumptions about you.

Because whether you like it or not, your brand is inspiring emotions.

And if you’re inspiring the wrong ones… well, your brand becomes that invisible saboteur that’s killing your cash flow – and well and truly screwing you over.

Ok great, thanks for scaring the crap outta us Dee! So how do we fix this…

Stop the bitching.
Start the buying

If you want to stop the backbiting, you need to create a brand that speaks out and backs your corner.

One that expresses the real you and doesn’t allow people to make assumptions and draw the wrong conclusions. You have to know yourself. And OWN who you are – so those watching know – in no uncertain terms – what they’re going to get when you work together.

But what does all that actually mean?

It’s all about using your brand to make a statement and inspire all the right emotions. It’s about expressing your uniqueness, quirkiness, and personality. It’s about building a brand that draws your perfect customer into your world – so they feel as if they know you (even if they’ve never met you).

And best of all, it’s about making the right people pick you over all the other options available (how priceless is that?)

In other words, you want a brand that makes you ‘crushworthy’ – one of the ‘cool kids’ that the right people can’t help but flock towards. A brand that sparks those all-important ‘buy now’ signals in the people you’d most love to work with.

Now the good news is you can make this happen quick – and without spending £000s on an expensive designer.

Thanks to good ol’ Google and they’re fancy tool called slides it’s easier than you think to DIY your very own eye-catching, awe-inspiring, OMG-amazing visuals that stop the bitching and start the buying.

But I’m jumping ahead…

Before we can get stuck into any of the design stuff we first have to figure out what you want your brand to say about you.

So let’s decide which labels are the right ones for you :-)

Put yourself at the core

There’s an easy way to choose the right fonts, colours, and images – and then combine them into a brand that inspires all the right emotions in your perfect customers.

You simply have to start with YOU.

That’s right. You put you and your personality at the core of your brand – and then choose visuals to express exactly that.

So if you’re a quirky creative who loves the colour orange, adores good coffee, and has a thing for repeating patterns, you may show up one way.

In comparison, if you’re an introverted, deep-thinking type with a passion for stationery, and a love of the great outdoors, you’re going to show up totally different.

You may both be offering a similar service, but your brand will attract an entirely different audience.

And because you’ve built your brand around your personality, each business owner is going to attract the people they’re going to most LOVE working with.

Pretty interesting, right?

So how do you inject your personality?

Discover your Profitable Personality and infuse it in your brand

If you’re ready to stop the bitching and start the buying I’ve got a treat for you…

A branding quiz!

This is a fun thing, not taxing. In fact, you’re just a few questions away from discovering your profitable personality – which is the insight you need to ensure your brand reflects and expresses the real you.

This is one of the easiest ways you can own your world, attract your tribe, and make selling a breeze.


P.S. You can take the quiz and get your results straight away, but if you’d like to dive a bit deeper with your results and see how you can start using your personality in your business, then pop your email in the box below the quiz and I’ll whizz you over a copy of my in-depth Brand Personality report. Inside you’ll find more about using your brand personality in your business, but more importantly, I’ll also show you how you can express your personality through visuals, fonts, and colours to create a brand that says all the right things.

In other words, this is the fast track to getting your brand back on your side.

Are you in? Then get cracking…


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