[video] The Marmite of the colour world


LOVE it or HATE it you can’t ignore it, orange has that love / hate thing going on. And it won’t surprise you to know that I LOVE it.  Bringing together the energy and stimulation of red and the friendly cheeriness of yellow, orange radiates warmth and happiness.

If you are a fan of orange, you are most likely a warm, optimistic, friendly, good-natured and a generally light-hearted person who thrives on human interaction and social gatherings.

In business, use orange when you want to evoke a feeling of optimism and create an uplifting, rejuvenating, positive outlook that motivates and encourages creativity. One of the biggest brand benefits to using the colour orange is it’s power for stimulating conversations, a warm and inviting colour that is physically and mentally stimulating, use orange when you want to get people thinking and talking!

Orange is often overlooked and rejected for fear of being too ‘bright’ when it comes to business design. Which is just another reason why I love it so!

Studies show that colour influences our buying decision by up to 80%

And that’s definitely worth thinking about… watch this lil’ video to help you decide if orange could be the right colour for your brand…

So, do you use orange in your brand? Or are you thinking this is a colour you should start to introduce? I’d love to hear your brand colour stories, leave me a comment below or pop over to our Facebook page and say hi

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