[video] Increase your brand authority with 1 colour


If you think of anything deep and dark then you are no doubt thinking about black… but it’s not as scary as it first seems. Black is the colour of authority and power, and while black brands are often associated with being serious brands they are also viewed as sophisticated and exclusive (possibly even expensive!)

In business, black when over used can be intimidating, cold, and unfriendly. Taking that feeling of exclusivity to the extreme and making your business unapproachable, which is not a good thing. Black is a great colour to use to add balance to your brand, for example if you use a bright, fun and frivolous colour to evoke energy and excitement then black becomes the perfect partner for bringing that touch of business seriousness and elegance back to your brand.

If you are looking to target the 16-25 age group then adding black as a key colour to your brand palette is a must. As is using black if you are looking to sell luxury, high end products or services. BUT remember too much black in your brand can be intimidating so always look to break it up with a splash of colour or a dollop of white space!

Studies show that colour influences our buying decision by up to 80%

What does your logo really say about you?… watch this lil’ video to help you decide if black is the right colour for your brand…

Do you use black in your brand? Or are you thinking this is a colour you should start to introduce? I’d love to hear your brand colour stories, leave me a comment below or pop over to our Facebook page and say hi

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