Not another Brand Challenge – Your UBB Invite…

Oh, look ANOTHER brand challenge – they’re popping up like men in shorts now the sun has started to shine again!

More steps to choosing your fonts and colours using Pinterest and mood boards and all the same old yada-yada…

Well not on my watch.

Hey, I’m Dee Woodward – brand designer and visual strategist for disobedient internet entrepreneurs and business NOT AS USUAL owners like you, who want to create an unforgettable brand for their business.

When it comes to designing your brand, there’s a whole world of stuff you need to know before you even think about searching Pinterest for trendy colour combinations –

*NOTE: NEVER do that*

Your brand is not about being up to date with the latest colour trend – if you ever find yourself going down that road – STOP – it’s by far the fastest route to disappointment and brand embarrassment!

“But I must not have a bland brand” something I overheard while nosing through a conversation online last week…

‘I must be quirky, and different, and stand out’ for the love of everything gin-based you do not need to force a style on yourself in the name of standing out!

Let’s just stop all this bullshit already.

The very best of the brands out there know it.

They focus on what they are already great at. What already makes them the kind of people you want to hang out with at the bar on a Wednesday! Because they know they’re already different and they don’t need to try hard to stand out – they do it all without thinking, because it IS who they are.

Simple right. Just be more you.

How is it then, that figuring out how to just be you is the hardest of all the things to do?

We’ve been conditioned for so long to try to fit in, to be what we think other people think we should be. And that takes some work to undo.

The very best of the brands out they combine their vision with their visuals to build their visibility.

And over the next 2 weeks, I’m hosting a ‘let’s make our own rules approach to branding’ Bootcamp – but that title is a bit wordy – so let’s call it ‘The Unforgettable Brand Bootcamp’ where we’ll dig into the key components of what makes your brand unforgettable.

It’s free.

It will be fun

**said with that kind of mischievous look you can’t see on email**

It will give you the space and freedom to figure out what being YOU really looks like in your brand

There will be full access to ask me anything along the way – you’re basically getting my brain on your brand for free for 2 weeks!

And yes, there will be something more at the end – oooo did I just admit that this 2 weeks of free is in prep for me offering an opportunity to buy something at the end! No she didn’t just do that!!

Yes. I did.

Because over the years working on my own brand I came to realise that I like to do things my own way.

I like making up my own rules and I’m pretty comfortable with doing what I want when I want. Because that is exactly WHY I started this little thing we like to call work over here!

So…. if you want to dive into the world of your brand, bust open some myths that have been keeping you from growing the way you want to grow, welcome in a flood of perfect customers as a happy byproduct, and finally, just finally, create something that feels like home to you.

Or you know, just come on over and have a good nose at what the heck I’m talking about…

Sign up for my free unforgettable brand bootcamp here:

Join the FREE Unforgettable Brand Bootcamp

And join me as we geek out on all things YOU. Oh yes, this is all about YOU.


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