Is it time for a brand refresh?

There are many reasons why a refresh of your brand might be the best thing you can do this year. And one big one that will make it the biggest mistake you could make!

Perhaps; you’re facing a structural realignment in your business, a brand refresh can help with defining the different parts of your business, creating an ‘umbrella’ brand with various product brands each defining the values for their own product. If you’re about to launch something new, then it’s certainly time for a rebrand.

Perhaps; you’re facing a ‘forced’ brand refresh, in the highly competitive online world refreshing your brand can provide a much needed extra edge in standing out against the competition.

Perhaps; you’ve found a much-needed gap in the market that is just crying out for what you can offer, a brand refresh might result in a whole new brand emerging to fill that gap.

Perhaps; you’re in need of a change of perception, you’ve been doing what you do for so long now without focusing on what your brand is telling people that you’ve created a sort of brand-monster that’s stomping around town telling stories that you have no control over. A brand refresh can help you reign in that monster and regain control over how people feel about your business.

Perhaps; it’s time to admit that your current brand has come to the end of its natural cycle, that what you’ve got facing the world right now isn’t what you want for the future of your business. A brand refresh really is your only option here.

Perhaps; it’s time to simplify, you’ve grown beyond your dreams and it’s all been so fast, which is great but it’s left you with a mix match of brand styles you’ve thrown together as you’ve launched and launched again. A brand refresh will help you bring your business back together, removing any disjointed or leftover elements that distract from your core offers.

Perhaps; you’re in need of better protection, with trademarking in your sights a brand refresh in the name of a clearer intellectual property is what you need now.

Perhaps; you’re standing in front of massive change, excited and eager to get cracking but something is holding you back. You’re tethered to your old brand identity. A brand refresh can be the catalyst for massive change, helping you choose the right route, and sending you off with a clear symbol for a new strategic direction.

Perhaps; you’ve just lost touch with your brand while you’ve been busy building your business and it’s time to finally bring your brand up to date to truly reflect where your business is going, to present a more relevant and authentic approach.

This one comes with a danger sign. If you’re only seeking a brand refresh to paper over those cracking walls in your business then STOP. You do not need a brand refresh you need a business refocus. Take a deep look into those cracks and be certain you’re putting in the right fixes before you go on to look at creating that fresh new brand to reflect that fresh new life in your business.

Perhaps; you’ve got this burning feeling that something is not right, that something about your brand doesn’t fit anymore. A brand refresh can help you identify where things have fallen off along the way, where and why you’ve fallen out of love with your brand and help you bring yourself back into it.

Because no matter what kind of brand you are building YOUR personality is at the centre of it.

And the quicker you come to terms with that – the smoother the process of designing your unforgettable brand will be.

Want to crack on and see what your personality might look like in your brand – take the brand personality quiz to find out what your core brand personality looks like – then come back here, share your results in the comments and let’s create your unforgettable brand together.

Wherever you are in your business journey, launching something new or just wanting to check in and be sure you’re heading in the right direction. Understanding where the branding process really starts; with you! And how your personality creates and shapes your visual brand will help you make the changes you need when you need them so your brand grows with you – not against you!

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