The friend zone

The friend zone – exactly where your brand wants to be.

The ‘friend zone’ takes some stick for being that place you don’t want to end up when starting that relationship… except it’s exactly where you do want to be when building your brand.

People buy from people they know, like and trust – we’ve all heard that thrown around at networking events more often than Kevin from accounts business card – alright Kevin, we know you’ve got a card you want us to take!

Who do we know, like and trust more than our friends – no one right.

So let’s spend less time trying to ‘sell’ to ‘customers’ and more time building friendships with the kind of people we want to serve in our business. And no, that doesn’t mean ‘faking’ interest in being friends only to shove a sale in their face as soon as possible.

This is about embracing that friend zone, being in it for the good times, sharing a few stories, listening and being there with open arms of support.

Stop trying to get more customers and start trying to make more friends in your business.

Stop building barriers around who you are and start using who you are to build your brand.

The quickest way to figure out your brand personality? – start with your own!

No matter what kind of business, size or scale you are building, when it comes to brand personality it’s all about those human characteristics that people connect with – and what better place to start than with your own.

Your brand personality consists of tone and voice and style, all the same elements that go into making your identity unique – go into establishing a unique identity for your brand.

By first understanding what makes you YOU, all those quirks and kinks that people love and hate about you as a person, and then understanding your customers in the same way – you can design a brand personality for your business that inspires that “like, know, and trust” factor in an instant – without you ever having to say a thing!

Think of it like meeting people at a party:

Some people you can tell in an instance you’re going to like because something in them just stirs up feelings of comfort, familiarity, respect. It may be what they’re wearing, it could be where in the room they’re standing, what they’re drinking, how they say hello, how they think, what they say… it could be any of those things, but what it will be is how they make you feel.

And that’s exactly what we’re looking to create with your brand, that instant ‘we’re going to be friends’ kind of feeling.

Of course some people you’ll like, but just not instantly want to spend all your time with. You’ll appreciate them from a distance and enjoy spending time together from time to time. These are still valuable brand customers but they’re not the ones we’re focused on creating your brand to attract.

Even if they’re ‘hell nos’ – you know the people you meet who you just know you don’t want to be left standing next to at the buffet bar because as nice as they might be you just have nothing in common. These are not your brand customers, and knowing what’s going to put these people off your brand is as important as attracting the ones you really want.

Designing your brands personality – really is as simple as paying attention to what you like, to what your customers like, and to what the vision you have for your business looks like.

When you know these 3 things, your brand style, your visual identity, the content you create and the words you share will all become obvious.

And it all starts with you. Your personality.

So how do you start to understand how your personality creates the vision, verbal and visual elements of your brand?

While there are many personality style resources around, most are based on the 12 archetypes and while understanding archetypes is a great resource – I’ve found that when it comes to your brand personality and visual style there are just 5 core brand personality types and you’ll almost always have a dominant and secondary type take 5-minutes now, answer these 5 quick questions and discover what your personality looks like as a brand.

When you’re done, come back here and let me know any questions you have about using your personality in your brand…


discover your BRAND PERSONALITYwithout feeling like you’ve stripped yourself bare for the world to see!

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