The Best Marketing Event EVER x infinity +1


Last Wednesday I did what I never do, and headed off on a cross-country trek from the peaceful little village I call home to the ultimate big city, London. Generally speaking, I’m not a fan of bustling streets or big-arse buildings, but for THIS I had to make an exception –

The Best Marketing Event EVER
x infinity +1

And yes, that’s what it was actually called. So I grabbed my favourite road-tripping pal, dove into the nearest traffic jam, and headed to the East End.

Hosted by the borderline formidable Dan Meredith, Franc Feliu and team. This event promised to be pretty epic. And it didn’t fail me. I couldn’t possibly note down everything I learned on the day – seriously guys, that would be so. much. stuff. But I DO want to share a few of the most striking, stand-out points that took me by surprise.

First up, the venue was fab. Nowhere near the standard boring-as-shit hotel function room.

I firmly believe that the venue always affects your experience, and this time was no different. Hosted at the rather historic York Hall, the architecture itself made for a spectacular show.

One thing that really caught my attention was the ethos of “team effort”. It wasn’t simply a matter of invisible crew members shuffling around and keeping everything on track.

Everyone involved clearly wanted to be there, and seemed really dedicated to putting on a great show – which they did.

Absolutely everything about this event felt different.

From the naming of the event, to the pre-event materials, to the ticket pricing, to the showmanship. Each element conveyed passion, and an up yours to the typical (dull) marketing event we’ve all been to time and again. This one had the vibe of a gig – with bar service and an afterparty to boot!

If you spend time in the online business world – which of course you DO if you’re hanging out here, you’ll be flooded by “7 step” promises, and “secrets to success” – I know I am. This event had none of that.

There were no hidden pitches – not even subtle ones.

But do you know what there WAS? Real life experience. Evidence. Swearing. The feeling that you were part of a conversation, rather than being spoken at.

I’m a big fan of learning from what people DO,
not what they SAY

– that’s the only way to find a path to your own success, and that was the overarching theme of this event. It wasn’t about copying and pasting someone else’s model, it was about learning. Learning and refining.

I couldn’t possibly leave you without mentioning the keynote speaker – Mr unstoppable, kind of manic, Gary V. he said something that I haven’t been able to get out of my mind:

“I’m just guilting people
into coming to my funeral”


It made me chuckle, but it also made me think.

Creating a business that is SO impactful that your followers want to come to pay respects at your funeral? Genius.

The idea of creating content without linking to a sale is practically unheard of in our world, but giving without asking is fundamental to growing your brand.

Think about it.

Does your life, your business, your content have a true impact on others? Do you share freely without the expectation of something in return?

This is by far the most meaningful way to build connections online, and I for one will be incorporating this thinking into my business practices.

How about you?

Let me know in the comments below…


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