Tell me. What really gets you excited?

Ok, that might be a little harsh but keep reading for the story that lead me to this outburst!

First up though, who’s the most important person in your business?

Did you say customer?

Nah. Wrong answer. 

You see, when we’re talking about your business, It’s all about YOU.

That’s right. If you want to create a business and a brand that brings you success on ALL levels (and I don’t just mean the financial stuff), you have to get super clear on what YOU want?

So what do you want?

Now don’t misunderstand me here. Of course your customers are important. But as this is your business there is NO hiding. Everything that happens is pretty much up to you and the decisions you make. And yep, that may sound just a teensy bit scary, but WOW…

Just think about what that really means.

If it’s all about you, you get to do what YOU want.

How liberating is that?

What possibilities does that opportunity open up for you?

Tell me. What do you really want? What really gets you excited?

<< take a minute to think about that one…>>

I know. It’s a super tough question. Sure the superficial answer is dead easy. But when you start to peel away the layers to discover what’s lurking in the shadows, hey, that’s a whole other thing. And it’s those shadows you have to uncover because that’s where all the good stuff is hiding.

You see, without an understanding of your BIG why, you’ll struggle to get clear direction and focus with your business and your brand. Once you know what you’re doing all this business work for, you’ll find it easy to make decision, decide on products and choose your customers. Without this focus, you’ll just keep changing direction – and then get frustrated when you haven’t made the progress that you desire.

That’s why uncovering your big WHY is so important.

And why I encourage you to spend some time figuring out yours.

It won’t necessarily be easy. I know, I struggled with this question A LOT when I was first starting out. I wanted answers and I spent stacks of time searching.

Actually, its a bit embracing (so please keep this story just between us…)

I invested a heap of money seeking ‘answers’ to this question. It used to frustrate the heck out of me, I went through a number of mentors spending £100s and £1000s on sessions to help me figure out why my big WHY really was.

I kept being told that if I wanted to grow my business I needed clear goals and that those goals had to come from my big picture.

But I just couldn’t get it.

Vision boards full of pictures of houses, cars, holidays, material stuff that other people wanted. That’s all I could come up with. Things that I thought I wanted. Or things that my husband, friends, family, mentors all mentioned they wanted!

But deep down I just felt that none of it really made sense.

You can see what a muddle it all became, and all the while I was still investing in mentors to help me get to the answers, but all it kept doing was bring me back to this same question.

Until I stopped.

I quit all the mentoring. – I know!!!

I gave myself a break from all the constant ‘what’s your why’ questioning and just let myself sit with it.

And guess what happened. The answer was there. Funnily, I knew the answer all along. I just hadn’t trusted my instinct and instead of allowing myself to create a business that worked for me, I kept trying to fit it into other people’s ideas of what a BIG why should be.


You see, when it comes to your big Why there is no right or wrong answer. It’s whatever is right for you. It could be a vision board full of inspiring things to achieve. It could be a person or a place, it could be a lifestyle, or it could just be as simple as a word.

What ever it is that makes sense to YOU. That’s all you need to know.

So think again – what is your gut screaming out as the answer?

  • Why are you here?
  • Why this business?
  • Why today?

Just keep asking WHY. Until you run out of things to say next.

And that’s when you’ll know you’ve nailed it and you’ve found your BIG why. And when you’ve got it, write it down, hold it close and love it to pieces because it’s going to transform what you’re able to do with your business and your life.

Trust me.

Until next time…

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