Super Hero brands

In the superhero world life is a little bit different. Inside this imaginary world we can step away from the constraints of logical thought and allow our creativity and imagination to think without the real world constraints. I promise you, when it comes to branding, imagination can MASSIVELY increase your brand’s value because it allows you to inject something different into the way you present yourself to the world.

Inside the superhero brand world you can think without limits. You can forget the reality checks and those dead end phrases such as “that worn’t work for me” or “my business is different”. As a result, you start to come up with the really “out there” stuff. Crazy ideas, wacky concepts, and nutty protects.

Sure, a lot of what you come with will be impractical and of little use back in the real world. But I promise, if you allow yourself to think about your brand without limits you will uncover some ridiculously brilliant stuff in amongst all the chaos – stuff that would never, ever have bubbled up if you’d checked your thinking.

So if you’re serious about getting value from today’s content you have to promise me that you’ll banish any logical thought – just for a short while. Instead, I want you to reach for the spandex and put your best pants on the outside! (Ok, a quick costume change is not a requirement, but if you do slip into a superhero outfit for today’s challenge then make sure you send me a pic! I need that in my life!)

And here’s what I want you to do…

In the brand superhero world, your business is a superhero who’s busy fighting your nemesis and saving your Mr Perfect Customer from the clutches of their evil.

Tell me, what does that look like?

For me, ByDeesign is an old school comic book superhero…

She’s busy saving the world from profit sucking designers and putting personality back into business and brands. When I’m in her shoes, anything is possible.

But what does your business look like as a superhero?

Start picturing your superhero character now as you head over and download today’s ActionSheet.

Download: Your World Saving Superhero Brand It’s based on the ones I use with my 121 DeeBrand clients, but I’ve stripped it back a bit so you can get a taster and get started with your superhero brand story today.

Go nail it, and tell me what you come up with over on Facebook.

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