Stop looking so damn cheap

If there’s one thing that really gets my goat in the online, expert, content sharing world…

People who want to charge big bucks for their know-how and yet they look bargain basement cheap.

Time to face the facts people…

Looks matter. FULL STOP.

We like to tell ourselves this is not true, and sure a great personality and real substance will be the secret to long meaningful relationships but when it comes to that first initial reaction we all make initial judgments based on looks.

Whether it’s what you’re wearing; those ripped jeans and crumpled shirt, or that nicely pressed designer dress that’s slightly over the top for the supermarket run but damn you wear it well. Or what your business is wearing.

These little things speak volumes about your worth.

Yes. We make judgements about your worth by what you’re wearing. We judge your business worth by what your business is ‘wearing’

Looks matter. They matter a lot.


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Yes, your content has to be great, the way you treat your customers must be top notch, I’m going to take those things as a given here. You’re the expert at what you do, you know your stuff, what you have to give it premium content.

So why is it we see so many badly slapped together DIY jobs out there devaluing the content that’s like hidden treasure behind cheap design.

When you see a product, an eBook, and online course that looks like it’s been knocked up on the cheap, with a few clip art-esq images slapped around for interest, what does that do in your mind? Does it make you think “ooo the content in there is going to be so high value it must be worth 1000’s”

No. It doesn’t.

It does the exact opposite. It makes you think “well that’s only got to be worth a couple 100” without a single thought to what awesome content might be inside.

Let me ask you a question. You’re business crush, you know that person you love following, that puts beautiful content out there that makes you want to just buy buy buy… What do they look like online? What does that FB ad image that popped up in your newsfeed, that PDF eBook you downloaded, that course you signed up for spending 1000’s on, look like?

Like it’s been designed by a pro, or like it was created for 5 bucks?!

You don’t see the high level guys rocking the online product world with poorly designed visuals promoting their content. They know the importance of this stuff.

But hey I know, hiring a designer isn’t cheap.

Hang on, let me rephrase that…

Hiring a great designer who knows how to design your expert content so that it attracts, engages and connects with your perfect customers is not cheap.

Investing in a designer to create your full brand identity, content design and marketing design visuals for your next product launch will costs you 1000s.

Hiring a personal brand coach and course design expert will cost you 10s of 1000s.

Now we’ve all been there, investing 10s of 1000s might be what you really want to do, it’s most likely what you really need to do BUT the idea of spending ‘that’ much – WOW! And you know what, I’m not going to tell you you have to, if that is way outside your comfort zone there is an alternative.

You’ll have no doubt heard people talk about having to invest big to make it.

It’s true. You will need to invest big if you’re going to make it. There’s no fast, low cost and pro way about this.

You can have fast and pro but that’s going to involve investing big with top dollar experts to help you.

You can have fast and low cost but that’s going to involve investing big in learning the stuff you need to do it yourself in a short space of time

Then you get the low cost and pro option, now this involves investing big in yourself over a long space of time, we’re talking years of learning from the pros, testing everything yourself and spending a lot of time getting it wrong before you get it right.

That’s just how it goes.

There’s no right or wrong.

You can have success at each level. It just depends how you want to invest. The option comes down to the age old time versus money issue.

If you’ve got the time, great, get started now and learn, launch, test, tweak and keep going until you get there. If you’ve got the money, great, get started now and invest what you can to get there quicker.

Whatever way YOU choose. Just remember looks matter.

Whether you’re launching a product, an eBook, or an online course, they way this looks will have a big impact on how your perfect customers respond to your content.

When it comes to marketing, design is your secret tool to increase perceived value. Get the design right and you can easily charge the higher prices that your expert know-how deserves.

But it doesn’t stop there. The design of your content matters. The way you present your information on the page will change the way people digest, use and understand your content. The use of layout, imagery, colours and typographic elements on your page will influence how your customers understand your content.

Studies have shown that even down to the simple choice of what font you use will affect the way people retain information.

If you want people to engage with, connect with, understand and really use the information you provide then you need to pay attention to the basic design principles.

Design matters. It matters a lot.

I can say this because I have personally invested a lot of years and cash in understanding the psychology behind design, in marketing and in content delivery. The two are very different. Design has subtleties that you can use to your great benefit, if you invest the time to understand them you’ll see things change in your business.

But you don’t have 10 years to learn this stuff for yourself, you want to get your course out there now.

You’re the expert at what you do. That’s your thing. You get paid highly for what you do. You know your stuff. You don’t have 10 years to spend learnign this for yourself.

Design is my thing. I’ve done this hard work for you. I’ve worked with a lot of experts, I’ve helped people like you launch their expert know how into the world through their own online courses. Im here to help you do the same.

I can guide you through the process, help you get to the core of what you are offering, create your course brand identity, design all your course content for you, craft your marketing message with you, design your marketing campaign, help you plan your launch sequence, work with you in your copy, pull everything together into your full course and build it into your own online course website.

Your full course designed and built for you. While you continue to do what you do best, I’ll do what I do best and together we can launch your high value course.

But that’s not cheap, working 1:1 like this, with me holding your hand through the process and doing all the design work for you comes with a £12k price tag. It’s a big investment. It’s a big project. If you’re serious about turning your course into your main business model, if you want to ditch working 1:1 for those 4 figure fees and start working 1:many for those 6 figure nights, if you know what you have to offer is high worth, if you plan on selling your course at a high level – which you should be, you’re the expert remember. Then this option is for you. If you’d like to work 1:1 hit reply to this email and we can discuss your course launch plans.

If you want all this but if you don’t have £12k to invest in hiring a team of course design and launch experts to do it for you right now, then what I’ve got for you here will help you get there without the pro price tag.

When it comes down to it the basic design principles I talked about are pretty simple. If you know what to look out for, you have the tools you need and a small amount of time to invest in learning how then you can do this yourself.

And that’s why I’ve packaged up everything I do 1:1 into my own online course. – Well you’ve got to practice what you preach right!

So if you want to take the next step to getting that course idea out of your head and into the online world then this is your invitation to join me in Your Course ByDeesign.

Starting on 6th April we’ll work through all the steps to launch Your Course.

We’ll start by getting to the core of what you have to offer, planning your content and designing your course brand identity. Using Your Course design toolkit we’ll design and produce your course content to engage your customers, marketing visuals designed to attract customers, and together we’ll map out your launch strategy.

Step by step we’ll turn your course dreams into your dream course.

We’re not just talking about what to do here we’re actually doing it, together.

By the end of the 8 weeks you’ll have your full course designed and ready to launch.

All for only £975

That’s everything from my £12k done for you course design package at a fraction of the cost.

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And if you’ve got plans to design and launch your own online course this year, comment below, I’d love to hear where you’re at right now and what, if anything, is stopping you from getting it out there.

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