Standing in your room wetter than you were in the shower

We’re on leg 3 of our journey north along highway 1 California, I love this part of the world.

Right now we’re in a beautiful hotel situated right on the beachfront overlooking the pier as the sun sets, it’s breathtakingly beautiful, and the hotel itself is as pretty as the views!

This hotel has clearly spent a lot on design, and they’ve got it so right. Bright fresh splashes of colour on the wall, pink orange and turquoise in shades that meet my colour obsessive eye! The welcome book has a rustic wood cover engraved with their logo. The mini bar is fully stocked, new high spec TV mounted on the wall, and a very fancy tech looking fridge.

Looks wise this places has it nailed. Customer experience wise; it’s top notch. Greeted on arrival by name with strawberry infused ice cold water and upgraded to an ocean front room on check in.


Everything was just WOW



One little thing that wouldn’t take much for the hotel to change but would change our entire experience…


One thing that we’d taken for granted in the hotels prior…


One thing I didn’t even think I needed to ask for on booking…


AC. Air con. Air conditioning.


I never realised how important that little machine was until you’re standing in the middle of your room wetter than you were when you first stepped out the shower! When the weather is breaking through triple digits, a cool room means a lot to your experinec.

One little thing. Air con.

We can’t stay in the room long enough to enjoy the beautiful decorations and that top notch fancy fridge filled with delights. It’s cooler outside than in this room!


One thing. And our experience of this hotel has changed.


I’m all for great design. And great design will help you sell more. Great design helped us pick this hotel over all the others when booking.


But if you’re missing the basics, like air, in your business then no amount of great design, fancy gadgets or finishing touches will help you.


What’s the air con in your business?

What’s that one thing that your customers don’t really even know they need until it’s not there, one thing above all the extras that will make sure they have the best experience with you?


Write it down, stick it to a post on your computer, share it with me over on Facebook, and when you’ve got that one thing nailed. Then it’s time to take it up a level within great design.