screw them, break the rules

Why a Bit of Rule Breaking is Seriously Good for Your Business

It’s a fact that the right brand has the potential to totally transform the success of your business. That’s because a seriously hot brand allows you to charge what you’re worth and effortlessly attract the best customers for you.

To nail your brand you have to choose the right colours, fonts, graphics… and then lay everything out in the right way. But that’s just the end result – and arguably the easiest bit. The hard bit is figuring out what components you need to get your brand working hard.

Now I’ve found that most business owners don’t spend nearly enough time figuring out what their brand needs to say. Instead they collect advice from so-called gurus and focus on creating something up that looks “pretty”.

Agghhhhh… that’s just so wrong.

Which brings me to a seriously important question.

Whose advice are you taking when it comes to creating your brand? And is the advice they’re giving, right for you?

Because if you’re not sure (and you’re desperate to get it “right”), it’s so tempting to take input from all the branding gurus cruising around you. And here’s the thing. If you’re not careful, you can get so busy implementing ideas from all the so-called “experts”, that you end up creating a brand that’s just so wrong – and then no one takes you seriously.

So you see, when we’re talking about branding, there’s a heck of a lot at stake here.

Take the whole, “being different so you can stand out” – it’s typical guru advice.

But seriously? What the heck does “being different” mean anyway?

Because here’s the killer. Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 08.26.11

Wanna know what I’m talking about…

It’s little old YOU YOU YOU YOU

– (and this is such an important point that I’ll happily say it again and again).

What’s more, when you embrace this idea into your branding, you instantly tap into a game-changer. That’s because the answer to the perfect brand isn’t somewhere “out there” in guru land. That’s because YOU are the “difference” that will make your brand seriously work.

You are the “difference” that will enable you to create a highly profitable, personal brand (that’s bursting with profit potential).

Pretty nifty, huh!

Imagine, what if all the so-called branding gurus are wrong?

If you want a seriously hot brand, you have to get up close and personal with yourself. So stop basing your decisions on what so and so guru would do. In fact, screw them because it’s entirely the wrong focus.

Instead, ask yourself some different questions:

What would I do/say/create with my brand if I had no fear, no limitations and no restrictions?
What can I do for my brand that’s the truest most authentic and most honest version of myself?
What aspects of my personality can I let loose that will attract more of my best customers to my digital door?

Because here’s the deal.

Your brand isn’t there to attract some kind of make believe “customer avatar” (excuse me whilst I throw a teeny tantrum and stomp around!)

You’re actually doing your thing for REAL people – and guess what, those real people are going to be breaking your door down because they want to work with YOU – because they love your personality, dig your character and can’t get enough of your unique take on your little part of the business world.

Now how cool is that!

Believe me, they don’t want to work with a meshed-together version of all the guru speak you’ve painlessly learnt. In fact, let’s take a moment to take a look at what that tactic is going to end up delivering. You’ll just end up being a hybrid of everybody else’s “good ideas” – instead of a unique version of yourself. And if everybody else is following the same advice, we’re all going to end up looking like each other.


So I’m here today to give you full permission to be yourself.

The fact is NOBODY knows your Mr Perfect Customer of your Dreams as much as you do. And the funny thing is, I bet you don’t realise how well you know them either. Because when you get hooked up with these people, it just feels effortless – I’m right aren’t I ;-). You get to the point when you can second-guess them and easily read between the lines of what they’re saying because you know them so well.

Break the rules and create an irresistible brand identity

So if you’re sat nodding my head as you read this little piece, I’ve got a seriously cool challenge for you…

I want you to have a think about how you can break the rules and let more of you ooze into your branding.

How far can you push those crappy guru “conventions” to create something interesting that will get people talking about you and your brand.

For example, my “naked website design” (code for no logo) caused a bit of a hoo haa! But just because some convention says I need a logo in my marketing, that doesn’t mean it’s right for me. You see, I don’t need some logo’d badge for people to know and connect with me – because my personality is stamped all over my website (and all my other marketing bits and bobs). Get it?

The key is not to break the rules for the sake of it, but break the rules because it’s what you know is right – in your heart – for your business and your Mr Perfect Customer. Because by doing so, your message becomes a true representation of what you stand for and what you do.

Stop being so damn afraid of getting it “right”

So from today, I want you to stop worrying that your version of your brand doesn’t quite match up with what Mr Web Guru or Mr Marketing Guru says you should do. Sure, they may be an authority – but that knowledge is only based on their experience and understanding. And I’m not dissing them. There’s a heap of amazing stuff to learn – and I’ve invested a fair few penny myself doing just that.

BUT I’ve found the true breakthroughs happen when you say screw it – and you put YOUR own version out there.

You put YOU out there.

So what do you think? When it comes to your brand, how can you break the rules, be a little more brave and be a little more you?

Could you weave your photos into your designs?
Could you speak a little more authentically through your copy (here’s a little trick. Record yourself speaking some of the words on your website. If it don’t sound like you, start again).
Could you review your brand colours and see if they really suit your positioning?

Because I’m telling you now, if your brand doesn’t fit you like a second skin – how the heck is anyone going to take you seriously – let alone your Mr Perfect Customer? It’s a “stop and listen” idea isn’t it…

So join me and

screw different, have way more fun and make stacks more money – just by being you.


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