Screw the sales page


Have you noticed the world seems to have gone crazy for sales pages right now. Everywhere you turn there’s another sales page, a long form sales letter, so much time spent crafting those words, each and every one.


But screw it.

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Yes your sales page matters, yes the words you choose, fonts, colours, layout, images, they all matter and they all have a part to play in making a successful sales page. Put it this way if you don’t pay attention to these things at this point then you’ll lose sales. A bad sales page will change your mind away from buying but the decision to buy happens before landing on that page.


People buy based on instinct not logic or reason.


When people land on your sales page the decision to buy comes from somewhere deeper than everything on that page. Think about what makes you buy. Is it the ‘no brainer offer’ the clever wording, the colour of the buy now button or is it the feeling that you get that tells you this is what I want, this thing from this person is going to be great for me, I trust this, I feel it’s right for me.


It’s these feelings, these reactions that make you want to buy.


When it comes to your sales page, make connections based on reactions and feelings rather than logic or reason.

It’s simpler than it first sounds and there are simple steps you can follow when creating your sales pages to help you sell this feeling. I’ll share these below but first and most importantly you’ve got to make connections with people, the people who need what you’ve got but don’t want it yet, these people need to know you, they need to feel connected to you and trust that what you’ve got is going to be right for them.


So before you worry about your sales page content, are you connecting with people.


And when it comes to creating your sales page, or any page really, keep 3 things in mind:


1. Build a desire to want.

The power of anticipation is a huge driver when it comes to sales pages, building this desire to want what you’ve got by creating a feeling of anticipation over what’s to come, that what’s next is going to meet you needs is very powerful. Use this in your sales page copy, with the design, the images and everything before you get to the sale. Give free stuff that builds anticipation around your main offering.


2. Create a place where people belong. 

This is your tribe. That feeling of belonging, being part of a group, is a basic human need, we all want to be a part of something bigger than us. People buy based on instinct, but people stay and connect with this feeling of belonging, being part of a community. If you’re creating a membership site, a course, or a residue income stream of any sorts then your tribe, the group you create will be a big part of what makes people buy.


3. Show how good you are

Ok, this one works in 2 ways, yes you want to show how good you are but also recognise how good your customers are, the people you want to buy from you are like you, they know their stuff, they are important and deserve respect so remember that you’re meeting them with common interests and you just happen to know more about something which will help improve your customers business, status, life, faster than if they were to do it alone.


Remember these 3 things when you’re creating sales pages or any content, use them in the words and design you use to create this feeling of being part of a group and a desire to buy what you have.


This is the power of design. Design has the power to make us feel a certain way. Use design to help create these feelings in your business.


Starbucks has this nailed. They have the status, and community feel in everything they do. Same with apple. It’s in their brand.

These brands are built on making people feel part of a group and superior just buy buying their stuff. That’s strong positioning.


Design makes us feel something. How can you use this in your business?


Id love to hear how you’re using design in your business right now to create these feelings, comment below and let me know. And if you found this useful, hit share and share with your community.


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  1. Dai Jones on June 12, 2015 at 9:22 am

    Nice post, Dee! I couldn’t agree more… It’s back to the whole idea of A-I-D-A: Awareness – Interest – Desire (or Decision, as I sometimes hear) – Action. Focussing on just the Sales Page is focussing on Action exclusively. Creating Awareness, Interest and Desire (generating a Decision!) which ends at the Action is vital. Good Sales Pages help close the sale but great Content Pages create the funnel. Keep up the good work! Cheers.

    • Dee Woodward on June 16, 2015 at 6:46 am

      Thank you Dai, good ol’ AIDA, it’s easy to forget and get swept up in the action especially when it comes to launching but everything in balance. And to remember the secret behind the most successful sales pages is everything you don’t see on the page, all the work behind the scenes building the awareness, interest and desire, months & years of building your brand and making connections :)

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