Puppies vs Reindeer Jumpers

‘Festive Stress’ is apparently a real actual thing that people suffer from EVERY YEAR!

And I couldn’t just sit here and do nothing – KNOWING that I can help so… in the spirit of giving I wanted to do something that could potentially save you a lot of stress this Christmas (and in the New Year too).

Below is a table I’ve created especially with the intention of helping to you to take the stress out of certain ‘festive commitments’.

It will help you identify which will give you the most ‘jingle factor’ with the least amount of festive stress… and which should be avoided if at all possible – a puppy is for life, not just for Christmas after all.

Here it is…




I hope this table has helped you to see how you can dramatically increase the amount of festive cheer you feel over the holidays and well into the years ahead -because I know for SURE that Get It membership will dramatically increase the amount of ‘business related joy’ you experience in 2016 AND that it’s helped you decrease stress too – because I hear unprofitable businesses are very, very stressful.

Just in case you’re wondering if I’d been at the “Christmas spirits” before I wrote this message – the answer is no.

And while my tone may be lighthearted I assure you I’m not slurring my speech.

I just really wanted to reach out to you over the Christmas holidays because – although this is a GREAT time for putting your feet up and enjoying the festivities – it’s also an AMAZING opportunity to plan for your best year ever in 2016 too.

Why not use this time to join Get It at this super special price so you can:

• Up your marketing game
• Refresh your graphics
• Put a proper plan in place to grow your business in 2016
• AND get access to ALL the tools, training and support you need to implement that plan in ONE PLACE?
I believe that joining Get It is the most amazing Christmas present you can give yourself as an entrepreneur, not to mention what it will do for your family when you’re earning more and attracting more opportunities, and what it will do for your customers and potential customers too.

Make 2016 the year you create a more profitable, presentable business!


Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 10.38.49


But get in now while I’m all caught up in the spirit of giving! The price goes up in the New Year, after all – people are making their money back x 20,000!!



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