Pause. Pivot. Press on. PING…

Should I stop selling right now?
Should I pivot my offers?
Should I change my offers completely?
What, if anything, should I be offering right now?

In an oddly timed turn of events, this week’s topic inside Brand & Launch was all about branding your offers, while the world it seems is also talking all about your offers this week too!

So I thought I’d share with you here some of what I shared with my members on our weekly coaching call last night…

Pause. Pivot. Press on. PING…

That’s the sound of the string snapping on a whole load of bullshit you may well have been wrapping yourself up with this week when it comes to what or how or why or when to offer your products and services.

If you’ve been looking at social media these past few weeks I doubt you’ve avoided the overwhelming advice from all the ‘experts’ to PIVOTTTTT… and yes I am recreating that Ross moment with the sofa in my mind every time I hear that word!

Now, maybe you woke up last week and in light of the shit crashing down around the world, you looked at your offerings. You looked at your business. You looked at yourself and thought. Fuck. This isn’t what I want to be doing. I don’t want to offer the things I have been promoting right now, it doesn’t FEEL right anymore.

So when the online geniuses hooked on that ‘need’ to pivot your offers right now you thought YES that’s what I need to do. Now is THE time.

If you woke up suddenly to a realisation that there was something you were holding back from offering that you always wanted to offer and now feels like the time to go for it…


If you woke up feeling pissed off that you hadn’t yet found the time to move your 121 services into an online version, and you really want to offer that now…


If you woke up and had this overwhelming desire to offer that thing you’re good at but isn’t really what you want to be known for but would genuinely be helpful to people right now. Ask yourself if you have the space for this new offering right now and if the answer is YES…


No one ever got upset by someone genuinely offering their help and support.

Also, big love to you. To everyone that is offering support outside of their ‘business as usual’ to everyone showing up and giving in whatever way they can, to help however they feel they can. Thank you.

IF, however, you woke up and read the news of all these smart online businesses pivoting and offering something they wouldn’t usually offer and you felt like you had to do the same but you didn’t know what? Know that you DON’T have to!

IF for-brand-sake, your desire for pivoting came from a fear that you were going to miss out if you didn’t do what it feels like everyone else around you is doing — offering some form of ‘crisis’ offers. Ask yourself this…


This week’s module in Brand & Launch was all about offers, creating offers; paid & unpaid that fit your brand values and vision and build your business in line with your brand strategy.

And I know the temptation is high to create new offers when there’s uncertainty flying around, I know you have so many things you ‘could’ help people with that the urge to do right now to help in these times is strong, but keep coming back to this question…


And I mean this in two ways…

Is the ‘thing’ I feel like I should be offering WHAT I really want to be known for?

And Is the way I am responding right now the WAY I really want to be known for?

The first can be more obvious than you think if you have any sense of doubt about what your offer idea is then that’s a good warning for it being a NO.

If you’re all for the idea but when you stop and think about how you want to be known, in the when the lights go up and you walk on stage kind of moment, do you want your name to be called out as the master of that thing — or is it something else you want people to know you for? If it’s something else then STOP, for the love of gin, don’t put out offers that devalue your brand.

Then there’s the way you want to be known for.

How you are showing up in your brand right now matters! More than you might think.

Do you want to be known as the brand that showed up and did something, did nothing, or pulled some shitty moves in a time of heightened emotions.

It always comes back to this, how do you want people to FEEL. About you, your brand, your business.

Now more than ever how you make people FEEL matters.

If you’re pivoting from a place of genuine belief on what your new offer is. People will feel that.

If you’re pivoting from a place of fear, that you might lose business if you don’t. People will feel that.

Don’t mistake that people are paying attention to how you show up right now, the offers you make, paid or not.

And when we’re happily queuing for our unnecessary items at Waitrose again, the brands who kept strong to their values, who made offers that reinforced their mission, the ones who stuck to their brand strategy among all the chaos, will make the best success stories.

Confused about what your brand strategy is? Need help branding offers for the now and for your future post COVID brand? Want to just reach out and share what’s going on for you right now?

Let me know what’s going on for you, I’m here, juggling a pair of toddlers and looking forward to conversations that don’t involve how many animal shapes you can cut out of toast!

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