Naughty & Nice – The Definitive List

Picture the scene.  

You’re stuffed to the brim with Christmas Dinner, you sit back in your chair to undo your top button and breathe out, and your mum brings out the Christmas Crackers.


Do you participate in the pulling of crackers?

Or do you pretend to be asleep?

Well, in my opinion it ALL comes down to the quality of the cracker.

I mean, no one wants to use up all the energy involved in pulling crackers after Christmas Dinner only to find a flimsy paper hat and a dad joke inside!

No, no, no.  

After Christmas Feasting, and the unavoidable energetic slump that follows, only a top quality silver keyring or a new stylish letter opener is worth all that effort!

So, here are some handy tips to help you tell if a cracker is worth your time or not…

First; look at the quality of the box the cracker came in.  

Does it scream “Quality” or does it look like it fell off of the back of a truck that was on the way to the Pound Shop to make a delivery?

If the packaging doesn’t look good – chances are there’s nothing more than paper hats and ‘dad jokes’ inside those bad boys!  

My advice?  

Make your way to the sofa and have a Christmas nap in front of “Santa Claus The Movie”!

HOWEVER. If the box makes you feel all warm inside, and especially if it seems to glisten with elf like sparkles, I recommend you summon the energy needed for as many cracker pulls as possible because it’s very likely that cracker contents will be well worth the effort!

In case you hadn’t made the connection yet – your perfect customers are looking at YOUR BUSINESS in the same way as those crackers right now.

The impression your business makes, not just when your tribe first come across you online but at EVERY important trigger point – there’s 6 in total, more about those next week! is what makes them decide to either say YES and see what treasures lay in store for them when they work with you…

Which looks like this :


Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 12.52.20


OR politely decline your offer while making that face you make when you see someone wearing a particularly awful Christmas Jumper…
Which looks like this…


Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 12.54.41


You may well be reading this and wondering if I’ve been at the “Christmas spirits” before I wrote this – the answer is no, not quite yet anyway!

I may be a little whimsical in the analogy here but I assure you I’m not slurring my words.

I wanted to reach out to you over the festivities because, although this is a GREAT time of year for putting your feet up and enjoying the festivities, it’s also the PERFECT time to plan for your best year ever in 2016 too.

And to help, I’ve created a very handy ‘Naughty & Nice’ list for you to review what worked and what didn’t for your business in 2015…


And as an extra festive treat, it is the season of giving after all, I’ve included some extra special festive gifts for you…



Including; Festive Facebook Cover Templates, Email Graphic Templates, Festive eCard Templates (all in powerpoint & indesign format) + Festive Graphics Pack, 2016 Desktop Goals Planner – my personal fave, weekly, monthly, yearly plans all right there with my big why pic to remind me every day AND the ‘Naughty & Nice’ year review marketing planner!

A LOT of seriously good stuff, all free, all in the name of festive fun.





Speak soon,



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