MYM – Part 9: Your First Impression

Don’t Screw Up Your First Impression

Can you remember back to a time when information wasn’t instant?

If you wanted to know something, you had to look it up in a book or try and track down someone who knows. Back then, holding lots of facts in your head was a good thing!

How things have changed!

Nowadays anything and everything you ever wanted to know is at the tip of your fingers. We are literally spoiled for choice. But information overload can lead to overwhelm.

It’s also cuts our concentration span. With so much to look at, we don’t have time to give everything our equal attention.

If first impressions were important before, they’re even more important now.

Take your favourite social platform. How fast does that timeline move? How much attention do you really give the majority of posts that flash by?

It’s the same with Google searches. With millions of potential answers to your question or search request, most options get a superficial glance before you hone in on the ones that grab your attention.

It’s the same with this article, how many people will make it this far, how many will get all the way to the end without distraction?

If you want to attract the attention of your TRIBE, you’ve got to remember that time is against you.

Attention is against you too!

And that’s why you need to give a little more emphasis to the first impressions you’re making online.

And guess what… that’s exactly what the CTFO Process – your Core, Tribe, Feelings, Offerings – is going to help you do.

In fact, it’s so powerful – when you get the combination right – that your images are going to stop your audience in their tracks and compel them to want to check you out a lil bit closer.

It’s all in the…

I-want-what-she’s-got effect

Have you ever fallen in love with a brand or a business ‘personality’ because of how they show up and make you feel?

For example, there’s nothing that’s going to separate me from my Mac, Starbucks virtually runs through my blood, and I’ll stop what I’m doing to read an email from Ash over at The Middle Finger Project.

There are plenty more examples too – where a brand either helps me express my identity or seems to know me so well that I can’t bear to be separated.

You’ll have your own list too – based on who you are and what you love, brands that are able to engage and inspire you instantly.  

This effect isn’t some weird magic. Or some fluke chance occurrence. It’s something you can do too – for the right people of course. That’s because the I-want-what-she’s-got effect is the end result of a business that:

  • Understands their CORE
  • Falls in love with their TRIBE
  • Captures the FEELINGS they want to inspire in their perfect audience
  • Designs beautiful OFFERINGS that their Tribe can’t wait to buy

When these four are working together, your brand sends out signals that create the perfect environment and experience where the right people want to give you their attention.


These decisions aren’t logical.

Instead, your emotions and subconscious are in control here. When sifting through mountains of information to find something that connects, you rely on your gut and instincts.

And because imagery talks to this part of you, the way your business shows up – that first impression you make – can make or break what happens next.

Make the right impression and you could have a fan for life!

Make the wrong first impression and that person will disappear into the internet abyss never to be seen again!

That is why first impressions matter.

The likelihood is you won’t get a second chance.

And there’s nothing more frustrating than missing out on an opportunity because you didn’t have your best shoes on – figuratively speaking of course!

58 touchpoints? Say WHAT!

Now here’s where it gets a lil bit trickier.

It’s not enough to get your branding sorted for one location where your customers might find you. Sure, getting it right in one place is better than nothing, or worse, in all the wrong places!

These days you don’t get to control WHERE and WHEN that all-important first impression happens.

There are no guarantees that that first impression will take place on your beautifully designed and perfected website.

It could just as easily happen in a Facebook comment or group, at a networking event, or through an email.

In fact, when I last played the touchpoint game, I listed 58 possible places your perfect clients are experiencing your brand right now.

And if you’re wondering what a touchpoint is, that’s just a fancy-pants term for every-flipping-where your customers might find you – online or off!

Check out the list below.


Remember, your brand is instantly accessible at any time – day or night – from multiple different sources.

And while you can’t control where and when someone is going to find you, you are 100% in control of the experience they have when they do.

And that my friend is another reason why your brand matters.

When you know how you want to be seen, you can make sure that your brand is showing up consistently – anywhere and everywhere you decide to have a presence.

When you’ve got your CTFO sussed and as a result the imagery that reflects who you are and how you want customers to experience your business, you can feel confident that you’ll ALWAYS make the perfect first impression.

It’s the easiest way to ensure the people that do find you are left with the lasting impression that YOU want them to have – one that ultimately leads them down a path of love and adoration for you and what you do that has them whipping out their wallets.

And let’s be honest now… who doesn’t want a bit of that?

Don’t settle for anything less

I know how tempting it can be.

You keep promising that you’ll give your brand the love and care it deserves – when you have time.

But when is that time? When is there ever really a perfect time, other than now!

Crack The F*ck On and create a brand that’s worthy of your experience, expertise, and impact and you won’t lose out on the tribe of customers who are waiting for you to show up and lead the way.

Get those visuals right and you can feel proud that everytime someone encounters your brand they are not mistaken about who you are and what you can do – even if you don’t end up working together right now. They’ll be left with that lasting impression, one that builds connection in their mind with who you are, what you do and why they need to work with you, all through the subconscious power of visual design.

Give your brand the love it deserves, internally and externally, and I promise you it will love you back 10-fold. Because a CTFO Brand – that works for you – is going to get you to that next level.

  • It’s going to separate you from everyone else
  • It’s going to make you distinctive and memorable
  • And it’s going to give you that strong and lasting first impression

Ready to go there?  

Your perfect brand is waiting for YOU to unleash it.





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