MYM – Part 6: Screw Your Customer Avatar

Screw Your Customer Avatar
– and what to do instead…

The primary job of your business is to serve YOU. You’ve got to feel fulfilled and successful doing what you’re doing – only that way will you do your best work.

That’s why YOU and your personality must form the CORE of your brand. Build your brand around you and not only will fit like that perfect pair of jeans – tight enough to hold you in all the right places with plenty of room to remain flexible, but it will also make it super simple for you to find your TRIBE of perfect customers.

And that’s what we’re going to explore in this next article.

So to start off, I invite you to think about your favourite Facebook group.
Yup, that one!

  • The one you always check out to see what’s been going on
  • The group that’s full of your kind of people
  • The place where you love to hang out because you love the energy and discussion, people are on your wavelength, and you can just be you!

It’s a pretty liberating experience, right? And a stark contrast to places where you have to step on eggshells!

Everyone is just so nice, helpful, and appreciative. You find the conversations easy. You don’t have to overthink everything because there’s not much chance people will misinterpret you.

Instead, you can share your ideas, and people love them! have meaningful conversations, and make worthwhile connections with other group members.

Now just imagine if you felt that comfortable with your clients too.

Sure you need to be professional, but when you work with like-minded people business is so much more fun.

Just imagine if you only ever attracted and worked with people who get you and love you for you. I’m talking about people who respect your skill and experience and love the way you make them feel. No more compromising with clients who drive you mad or people who are never ever satisfied – despite you bending over backwards and going far beyond where you should.

Instead, you wake up and serve your perfect customers EVERY SINGLE DAY.

And the best part of it all is that you can do this almost effortlessly.

Once you understand your brand’s CORE – and the way you want to show up through your brand – you can then use that ‘asset’ to grab the attention of your TRIBE.

It’s a decision that changes everything:

  • When you know your perfect customer like you do your best friend – you’ll instinctively create content, products, and services that they’ll love!
  • You don’t have to fake your personality or your character – you can relax and just be you because that’s one of the reasons clients chose to hire you in the first place!
  • Business becomes easy because not only will you create things that will sell, but you’ll know how to talk about your offerings so that the right people can’t wait to buy.


How to define your tribe


In the same way that knowing your brand’s CORE will help you make decisions about your visual identity, knowing who you want to work with will help you figure out how to attract them.

So how do you get clear on the people you want to help?


While this process works, it has a GIANT flaw.

It’s all made up!

Far better to define your tribe based on real life – and to help you do just that I’m going to share one of my favourite brand building processes.

It’s created from my own experience of identifying and attracting the most perfect customers to my business. It’s worked for me and countless clients – and I know it will work for you too.

So if you’re ready to play along, grab yourself a big sheet of paper, brew a cuppa, and get excited about bringing your most perfect customer into your business.

Here’s how…


The easiest way to define your perfect customer is to start with the real ones!

Think back through all the customers you’ve ever worked with over the years – in any form of your business life. Then, let your mind wander until it rests on the one stand out, perfect customer – you know the one I mean!

Once you’ve identified the person, bring them to mind in vivid detail – and then describe everything you loved about working with that person.


  • Who is this customer
  • What are their passions
  • What was their situation before they came to work with you
  • How did you help transform things for them? What did you do?
  • Why do they do what they do?
  • What attracted them to you?

Remember, the more detailed you get, the better. If you can, print out a photo of that real life, perfect customer too and pin it up so you have a reference point for each and every message you create in your business – visual and verbal.

Use this person as an anchor – this is the individual you want to speak to directly – in everything you do.



If you have more time you can take this process a stage further.

Interview some of your favourite customers to get really under the skin of who they are. For example:  

  • Discover what really matters to them
  • Get to know their worldview
  • Understand their motivations and their vision for the world

If you can’t interview them face-to-face you can get a pretty good insight into people by making friends with them on social media. Now I’m not suggesting you become some crazy stalker, that’s just weird! Instead, do a little covert research by checking out their posts. It’s a clever way to learn a little more about the people you want to attract.

Get inside the up close to your perfect customer and you’ll be in a position to communicate in a way your perfect customer wants to hear.



Finally, take a step back and think about everything you’ve captured – and look for any recurring themes.

  • What connects all your perfect customers together?
  • What kind of person brings out the best in you?
  • What words would you use to describe these customers?

Capture it all and then take a break, get some air, and grab a cuppa. You’re going to need fresh eyes for this final part!

When you’re ready, come back and take a new look at your words. You need to pick out three that stand out. The following prompts are going to help you:  

  • Which three words best sum up your perfect customer’s worldview?
  • Which best describe your perfect customer’s life?
  • Which words capture the essence of the type of people you want to work with?

Once you’ve finished this Action Item, not only will you have a clear idea of who your perfect customer is, but you’ll know how to define them. Combined with the work you did on your CORE, you have the building blocks for your visually persuasive brand language.


Here’s a lil equation to help sum up what we’ve covered in this series so far:

Understanding who you are
– your own unique style of you, what you stand for, and what you value most

++ PLUS ++

Understanding who your perfect customers are
– what they stand for and what makes them tick

== EQUALS ==


But to ensure you don’t end up with all style and no substance, you need to dig a little deeper. And that’s why we’ll be diving into the F-word in the next three posts in this series.

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