MYM – Part 5: Reality TV & Your Brand

What Reality TV Can Teach You About Branding and Business

One thing I’ve noticed about adjusting to ‘mum’ life this past year – your social life takes a bit of a turn.

Suddenly, it’s not so easy to head to the pub for an evening. In fact, most evenings I’m ready to curl up on the sofa with a hot cuppa and put my feet up after a day that’s kept me permanently on my toes.

But this change has brought one big bonus.

OK, I know I’m late to the party, but I’ve just discovered Netflix! I know… where have I been hiding!

A box set binge has always been one of my greatest loves, who’s got the patience to wait till next week to watch another episode of whatever screen time excitement you’ve got hooked into. And since there is possibly nothing decent on TV anymore, we had no other choice but to join the Netflix generation. The first series we polished off faster than a bag of chocolate covered espresso beans was Narcos. If you’ve not seen it yet yourself, let me set the scene.

Narcos is a drama that tells the story of Pablo Escobar. It cleverly blends drama and filmmaking with snippets of real news footage from the time. It’s a fascinating mix of real life and drama and it had me hooked from the first few seconds of the intro – you know something’s going to be good when you’re hooked by the intro credits!

And I know why…

There’s something weirdly addictive and hugely fascinating about observing people in ‘real life’. I’ve always loved a spot of ‘people watching’ that’s why you’ll find me more often than not in a coffee shop when I’ve got some time to spare to myself!

That’s why the whole reality TV thing has become such a hit in recent years.

Fact is we’re OBSESSED by real people, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise. As social beings, it matters to us how we interact with and fit into the community around us.

It’s why we can’t help ourselves! We instinctively make judgements and decisions about the people and personalities we interact with:

  • We’ll love some people, hate others, and probably won’t be able to explain why
  • We’ll stick all sorts of labels, some unfairly, onto the people we see
  • And our first impressions will be very hard to shake off

And it’s EXACTLY the same with your business and your brand.

In the same way, you judge others, your audience will judge you. They’ll react to your personality and then decide:

  • If they ‘like’ you – or not
  • Whether you’re someone they’d like to work with  – or not
  • Whether you’re an expert – or not
  • And whether you’re worth a high-ticket fee  – or not!

What’s more, all these critical decisions happen in a split second. They’ll be instinctive too. Logic rarely comes into the equation when feelings are being inspired!

If you want to Make Your Mark, you can’t ignore the fact that your audience will form a first impression of you.

And if you want to be irresistible to the right people, you have to remember that your brand’s visual style will influence the opinions formed about you.

People will attach labels to you whether you like it or not.

Much better to choose those labels and take control than leave it all to chance.

It’s one of the reasons YOU must be at the CORE of your brand – remember the CTFO process I introduced you to before? In other words, you have to:

  1. Define how you want people to judge and label you and your personality
  2. Own your chosen labels
  3. Proactively use your labels to inspire your audience to react in a way that draws them close

And to help you figure out how to turn your personality into powerful I-want-it-now visuals I’ve got a simply must have tool coming up…

But first, let me show you some examples – so you can see with your own eyes the huge difference that brand styling has.

Core Personality Style

When it comes to cutting through the competition and getting the right eyes on your business, your visuals can work like magic. That’s because your visual style can differentiate you from a competitor – even if you both offer the exact same product or service.

Let me show you…


Don’t overthink this, but notice how you have a different reaction – and feel a totally different connection – to each image.

  • There’s likely to be an image, or two, that you love more than the others
  • In the same way, there’s probably an image you really don’t like at all
  • And then there are those make no impact whatsoever – those are the very worst kind!

For a moment, think about the impact of seeing each of these styles in a fast-moving timeline. You’re likely to overlook the ‘mehs’, have a strong negative reaction to the brands with visuals you ‘hate’, and you’ll probably check out the brands that pull you closer with images you connect with.

^ That’s the very same process your audience goes through when they experience your brand.

So how do you make them think ‘YES’ rather than nothing at all?

Your start point is to define your Brand Personality – a concept that’s so frickin’ awesome it’s going to become a game-changer for you

Here’s why…

Through my 15+ years of researching visual design and working with clients 121 on their brand identities, I’ve discovered that everyone falls into one of FIVE brand categories.

Now that’s not to say there are only five ways to visually represent your brand, but there are five core categories of which your personality will fall into at least one.

Let’s explore each of these in turn:

The Disruptor

Disruptors are catalysts. They represent change and new ways of doing things. They push back against the status quo to start new conversations, transform opinions, and bend the rules. Disruptors values things like freedom, innovation, and impact and will attract kindred spirits – other creatives looking to make their mark, disrupt the norms and do things a different way.   





The Purist

Purists hate unnecessary complications. They seek out the simplest form of expression and look for the quickest, easiest, the most stress-free path through life. Purists attract people that want to escape the noise. People who are fed up with the big “I am” and just want to get to the heart of the matter in the simplest of ways. It’s why purists value things like happiness, fun, and purity.





The Visionary

Visionaries are change-makers. They’re open-minded, big picture thinkers who are skilled at bringing visions to life. They have an ability to answer the question, ‘what next?’ and attract people through their energy and vibration. Visionaries value things like transformation, empowerment, and calm. They tend to be spiritual and highly intuitive and respect the challenges that will be overcome on the path to making a vision a reality.  





The Adventurer

Adventurers are ambitious, free-spirited people who live for the journey. They recognise it’s not about the destination, but embracing the rich experiences that happen along the way. Adventurers do things their OWN way and attract people with a similar approach to life. It’s why they are motivated by values such as freedom, independence, and creativity.





The Pioneer

Pioneers are overflowing with contagious passion. They’re innovative, quirky, and enjoy being spontaneous. Driven by originality, pioneers live for true and honest self-expression. It’s why they value things such as imagination, inspiration, and adventure.






Now not only will each of these different brand personalities take on a completely different visual style, BUT they will each offer a different experience when you work with them.

Take yourself – there are personalities you’ll work well with and personalities that may cause a clash. It’s better for everyone if the relationship is harmonious.

Are you starting to see the benefits of putting you at the CORE of your brand?

Remember, the descriptions apply regardless of the service or product you offer.

That’s why your brand’s personality is an important differentiator. That’s because who you are will influence how you do your work, and how people respond to you.

So when it comes to bringing your brand to life through your visuals it’s important to know which brand personality works for you.

Own your identity and you can use your most valuable character traits to attract the right people to you.

Ready for that simply must have tool?

It’s time to answer the BIG question.


What’s your Core Brand Personality?


To find out, CLICK HERE and take this quick quiz

After seven super simple questions, you’ll have in your hands a critical piece of your brand jigsaw. Add in what you’ve already discovered about your CORE from the 4th post in this series and you’ll have a solid understanding of how best to express the real you to your audience.


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