Mel & Dee Talk Work, Life & Looking after you first

You know making time for you is important right, looking after yourself, putting your health and your well being first is just a non negotiable when it comes to living your most successful life. And yet, when things go crazy, when life gets super busy, when you’re nearing that big launch you’ve been planning for ages, what’s the first thing that drops off your ‘to do’ list.

Time for you, right?

If you’re anything like me, then taking that full undistracted lunch break, making sure you have a decent breakfast, stopping to take time to breath, get outside, enjoy the sunshine – on those rare beautiful british sunny days! These things somehow slip off the list when you’ve got another email to out out there, a sales page to tweak, an opt in sequence that needs your attention. There’s always a million things you could and should be doing but really, and you know this, none of them are as important as you.

Last week I jumped online with one of my business besties, the green goddess herself, Mel Wells and we got to talking about work, life and looking after you first.

Mel’s right in the middle of a big launch for the up coming Green Goddess Academy, you can find out more and watch the full launch get started on Monday over at – definitely one to watch with your notepads ready, lots of awesome course launching tips to pick up here.

Join us ‘live’ by clicking on the video below and then let us know in the comments below what you’ve been guilty of letting slip when work stuff gets the better of you, and if you’ve cracked the self care Mel and I want to know what you’re doing today that’s just for you.

Mel & Dee talk looking after YOU first from Dee Woodward on Vimeo.



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