Make Money While You Sleep


Did you know that socks are dangerous?

Me too. I had NO idea. But believe me – socks ARE dangerous.

Here’s what happened…

Earlier last week, I was innocently pulling on some warm woollies over my toes, and Ping! I slipped a disc. I kid you not. And if it didn’t hurt so damn much I’d be laughing too!

But here’s the thing… While I’m seriously struggling to sit at a desk right now, at least my business isn’t falling in tatters around my feet.

The reason?

Over the last 12 months, I’ve created a residual income model. And while it was my intention to create time to develop new products (and take a few guilt-free holidays), WOW I’m pleased I removed my reliance on 121 work now!

And the good news is, you can do this too…

YOU (yes YOU) have got a course inside you that’s just waiting to be unleashed

You know that saying – the one where ‘everyone has a book inside them?’ Well I think the 21st century version of this is ‘every expert has an online course to get out there’. And yes, that includes YOU (seriously, why doubt yourself?)

What’s more, that course has the potential to transform your business model so you can make money while you sleep (and still pay the bills even when you put your back out pulling on socks!)

And if you keep reading, I’ll show you how.

You see there are just 8 (pretty easy) steps standing between you and live course success. And it all starts with you…


Step 1 – Clarify your CORE and your BRAND POSITIONING

• What do you know that other people will be willing to pay for?
• What’s your unique take on your specialist subject area?
• How does your personality + your expertise translate into a course that your Tribe will be itching to get their hands on?

Telling yourself that no one will buy what you have to offer is just one big fat cop out. This crappy belief is all too common (heck I struggled with it too), but I found you gotta be brave and just go for it!

And like most things out of your comfort zone, getting started is THE hardest bit, and that’s why I’ve decided to give away this MAHOUSIVE gift!

Yup. To help YOU get started with your own course creation, right now you can download my FREE Design your Signature CourseKickstarter Session pdf.

This seriously awesome (it is, I promise!) workbook will guide you through the thought process needed to get to the core of your course. Seriously, this freebie is worth a download even if you’re just dabbling with the idea of building an online course because it will help you get super clear on the essential decisions that ensure your course succeeds.

So what are you waiting for? Go on, download it now – I’ll wait for you before we talk about the next step… 

CLICK HERE to Download


Step 2 – Define your TRIBE

Next up, you need to discover the people your course will serve – so get ready to meet your very own ‘Mr Perfect Customer’ and your Tribe.

Tribes are awesome. They are groups of people that love what you do and that you love to work with.

So step 2 is all about getting super clear on who’s in your tribe. In particular, you’re going to define your focus tribe – these are the people your course will suit best. 

Once you’ve defined your Tribe (and you’ve completed the Kickstarter PDF), you’ll have nailed the foundation of your brand positioning for your course.


The next step is to design your course identity starting with your Core Colours…


Step 3 – Pick your CORE COLOURS

Colours evoke a subconscious emotional reaction – and you’re going to use this to your advantage when designing your course.

In short, you’re going to choose colours that match your personality, and resonate with your Mr Perfect Customer. Now there is some science to this, but don’t worry. It’s surprisingly simple when you have the right tools to hand.

Just one more thing on colours before we crack on…

Colour choice is far more important than you think. Now most experts tend to choose colours based on what they like, and this is a BIG mistake. Don’t do it! Seriously, the wrong colours can create confusion around your brand and even undermine your core positioning. In comparison, the right colours can add many £1000s to your value. And isn’t that what you really want – for your expertise to be taken seriously (thought so).


Step 4 – Choose your CORE FONTS

In the much the same way as colours, fonts also evoke a subconscious emotional response in your Tribe. You can’t pick fonts just because you like them. Instead, you have to choose your fonts because of the statement they make about you and your business (and your course).

Now I know there are thousands of fonts to choose from, but once you know what you’re looking for, your choice decreases significantly. And when your fonts match your personality, your brand and course identity really starts to come together.

I’ve got a bit of a fetish for fonts – so if you fancy a sneaky peek at my well used font porn collection, here’s the link. Go easy now!


Step 5 – Create a ‘NAME-GO’ for your signature course

Once you’ve nailed your fonts and colours, you can design a Name-go for your course. This is like a logo, but created using just colour and typography.

This step is pretty easy – once you know the fonts and colours you need to use. It’s just a case of tweaking and experimenting with different combinations to see which works best. And of course you need to give your course a name!

Here’s a quick example, which shows you my Name-go in action…

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 10.34.08 

Simple and effective. And you can create your own Name’go just like this one in under a minute. This example took me all of about 20 seconds (including saving as a jpeg!) How? Well, I’ve been through steps 1-4, I know my brand positioning, I’ve got my tribe nailed, my core fonts & colours have been defined, so creating my course identity becomes a whole lot simpler.


Step 6 – Design (and create) your module covers

Did you know you can create awesome looking graphics in POWERPOINT?

Seriously, PowerPoint is one of my FAVOURITE design tools (especially if you’re ‘not a designer’). PowerPoint has lots of editing functionality, which makes it dead easy to create graphics that look great. And it’s even easier if you have some customisable templates to guide you.

Here are some example module covers that you can use when you design your course with me.


Simply swap out the sample colours, fonts, and Name-go for yours and voila! You have seriously hot module covers, which ooze with your personality and get your Tribe exited about learning from YOU.


Step 7 – Design (and create) your module content

Once you’ve created your module covers, you want to continue this theme through the rest of your workbooks.

Nobody wants to look at boring, text heavy modules – but when your ideas are expertly designed (by you) and woven into a wider brand experience, the value of your knowledge EXPLODES! 

Studies have shown that the way you present your information plays a vital role in how that information is understood, and more importantly for your course, used. You can have the best information out there but if your course design lets you down when it comes to communicating your expert know-how then the impact you’re going to make is massively reduced.

You want your course to be used, what you know can seriously help your tribe, so don’t let the delivery of your content reduce the impact of what you do.

And once again I’ve got you covered… Simply use, tweak, edit and customise this little collection of ideas (all of which you’ll find inside the members area of Your Course ByDeesign).




Step 8 – Promote your course

Once you’ve designed your content into a course, it’s time to invite your Tribe to dive in.

First up, you need to build a sales page for your course (don’t worry, I’ve got a template to help you with this). And then you’ve got to use the power of marketing to spread the word. The good news is that there are some highly effective ways in which design can help you to do this.

One of my absolute favourite tools is a social media share – like the examples below:


In these examples, you can see how we’ve used your course design to showcase inspiring quotes, offers, and invitations to join. These ‘sharables’ liven up your own social media timeline and because they are visual, will increase the likelihood of your message being shared.


Facebook studies have found there’s 53% more engagement on posts that contain images compared with those that don’t.

Visual marketing makes a HUGE difference to the success of your message.  And this final step is all about maximising your newfound design skills to get your message ‘out there’ in a compelling way that engages and entices your Tribe to take the next step.


^^Click on the social share icons on this image to share on your favourite social media platform^^



What next?

If you’d like to:

• Protect yourself from the dangers of socks
• Make money from your expert knowledge (while you sleep), and
• Work on the basis of ‘one to many’ (instead of one-to-one)

It’s worth creating that online course of yours.

And the very first step is to complete the Kickstarter pdf. So if you haven’t already done so please grab it now – it’s free.

Remember, with this workbook you’ll discover the core of your online course and take the very first step (which is often the hardest) to getting that course live.

So what are you waiting for?

Get downloading, like NOW. And if you have any questions about designing seriously awesome online courses, well you know where I am…

Speak soon.


P.S. If you made it all the way down here then you either really love what I’ve got to say or you know you’ve got a course inside you that you’re ready to get out. Either way you need to Click Here.



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