Logo design getting your knickers in a twist…

There’s so much unnecessary pressure put on logo design. Designing a logo for your business should be one of the easiest, but absolutely one of the most fun things to do.

When you know your vision, your values when you know who your perfect customers are and what drives them to connect with you. When you know these things – the act of designing the logo is the simple bit.

Of course, that’s because your logo isn’t your brand 

Let’s say that again…


Want to find out what your logo is.. and more importantly what your brand is?…

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Hi, Im Dee Woodward – Brand designer, visual strategist and champion of the 3 Vs – because designing an unforgettable brand starts with being unapologetically you – and that starts with knowing your VISION, getting clear on your visuals and understanding the visceral message in your brand

Your logo is a mark of your brand. 

But your logo isn’t the starting point. 

So put down the collection of ‘bosspreneur’ pre designed logos…

And start at the beginning…

your vision… designing the vision for your business, detailing the values you stand for and understanding what it is about that tribe of perfect customers that you want to connect with and that makes them want to connect with you.

Your brand is built on those 3 Vs

The vision, the visual and the visceral.

Spend time getting to really know these things and your logo design will appear as if from nowhere.

Of course that nowhere is a deep understanding of your brand and how your brand should look to communicate your who, what and why with your tribe of perfect customers!

But the logo seems to trip so many people up.

A very talented logo designer posted a question in his FB group that got me thinking this week

What’s your favourite logo? And why?

Lots of interesting answers popped up. Some big brand names…

My answer… my own!

Why? Because the aim of your logo is to communicate your story in a way that connects your values to your perfect customers

So how could I not connect to my story above all others? It’s the one I’m most invested in and the one that speaks to me most.

So my favourite logo might not be all the technically brilliant. It’s basically a font with a bit of styling. But it tells the story of me. The story of my brand. It shares my message and for that, it didn’t need fancy icons or hand lettering or all that stuff. It’s simple. Effective and to the point.

A bit like me! ;)

So… what’s your favourite logo? 

And if it’s not your own… I want to know why?

Want to design a brand that communicates your story in a way that connects your values to your perfect customers…


 The No BS approach to creating an unforgettable brand experience that makes it so easy for your audience to identify themselves as your perfect customer you’ll never have to think about ‘selling’ again!

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