Just throw it all in the air and see what stick

It turns out they were right!

Parenthood does change everything!

Dylan’s just nine months old now (aw!!) and I’m still getting my head around the fact that something so tiny can have such a huge impact on… well everything!

But especially work…

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but becoming a mum has made me reevaluate kind of everything. It’s amazing what some time away from the online world and plenty of late night feeds does for your thinking.

Before Dylan arrived, I was pretty happy with where I was going, but after… I had this urge to throw everything up in the air and then see what was still there when it all came back down again.

And the results have been pretty extraordinary. In fact, it turned out to be one of the best things I’ve done for my business and myself.

Let me tell you why, and what this little experiment means for you. I think you’re gonna like it!


Like you, I have a burning passion for what I do.

I just LOVE the power of visuals and the way they can transform your business, but here’s what’s interesting… For a while I’d forgotten what was at the core of what I stood for.

You see, I’d got a little bit distracted with funnels, and membership sites, and listening to this guru and that one. You know how it is… when you love what you do; you want to make it work. And you find yourself taking notice of the people who seem to be smashing it.

But here’s what I’d forgotten…

There’s no guarantee that the tactic or formula that worked for said guru will work for you.

And the reason why is crazy simple…

They are NOT you.

That was the big idea that came back down when I threw everything up in the air:

> The idea of building a business around YOU

> The permission to be YOURSELF in your business

> Embracing the power that comes from standing in who you are – and owning it

In other words, PERSONAL BRANDS… something I’ve been talking about and creating for my clients and myself ever since I left the world of corporate design agencies and set up my own – boutique style!

Crazy right?

I’ll be honest, I felt a little bit frustrated when I realised this. You see, it’s only recently that personal brands have become mainstream. When I first encouraged clients to build a visual identity that expressed their personality is was quite unusual.

In fact, not everyone agreed with the value of a personal brand (that’s a story for another time!) Shouldn’t the brand appeal to the customer, they said? Are YOU really that important? Should you really ‘Screw’ trying to be different for different sake and instead concentrate on expressing something that is ‘more you?’

My answer is a big YES.

Without this, you’re indistinguishable

The world has got a whole lot smaller in recent years. As businesses, we’re no longer restricted by geography. Instead, we can work with people anywhere.

This means you can afford to be pickier with your clients. You can wait for that perfect customer – and what better way to attract them than by creating a brand that gives your audience an insight into who you really are?

After all, if you’re reading this then it’s likely you are the face of your business. You are selling yourself. You have to persuade your audience that it’s YOU they want to work with over anyone else.

That’s what a personal brand can help you to do:

> Build a reputation for yourself as the expert you already are

> Attract your Mr Perfect Customer and get the right eyeballs on your stuff

> Ensure your visuals allow you to show up in a consistent way

> Create a distinguishable and unique presence that your audience instantly recognises as you

> Create an identity with longevity that you don’t have to keep changing as trends and ideas shift

> Consciously influence what people think and feel when they see your brand

> Express yourself through your business and create something awesome that fits you perfectly

And much, much more!


A personal brand is all about communicating and expressing visuals and a message that reflects and represents YOU.



It’s made up of a variety of aspects – your words, your visuals, and the associations that build around you to give you a flavour.

And I get it… You’ve probably got your words cracked.

After all, it’s quite easy with a personal brand… simply speak in the way that you do with your friends. Use your language and your expressions. Be real.

But when it comes to visuals – well that can be a whole lot harder if it’s not something that falls within your natural skill set.

In fact, I’ve found that A LOT of people get stuck with this important aspect of their personal brand. In fact, they screw it up – sorry to say!! Sure, they use images, but often they’re grabbed from a site such a Canva with little thought given as to what those visuals actually say about you.

For example, how often have you see the exact same image used by multiple businesses? Be honest, it looks a bit naff, doesn’t it!

More importantly, it doesn’t help you own your world.

But don’t worry. I can help you fix that.



I created this ‘lil personality quiz that will figure out how to create visuals that make you look awesome and distinctive online.

Let me explain…

Which personality are you?

The quiz is super quick and super easy to do.

Simply answer a few questions and you’ll discover immediately which of 6 brand personality types you are.

This quiz has been created from over 15 years of branding experience. In that time I’ve found that people ALWAYS have a dominant personality.

And now you can discover yours :-)

Armed with your category, you’ll be able to:

> Understand how to express your personality through your visuals

> Know which fonts, colours, and images best reflect who you are

> Show up online (and off) consistently

> Create a brand identity that your audience instantly recognises as YOU

> Cut through the online clutter and get the right eyes and ears on your business

> Evoke an emotional reaction in your audience that makes them more likely to want to work with you

> Use the power of visuals to help take your business to the next level

The quiz is completely free and I’ll also send you a PDF that explains in much more detail why you should build your visual identity around you. You’ll also get an invite to my closed Facebook group where you’ll be able to discover more of the HOW.

You can take the quiz HERE.

Seriously, the results from this quiz have the potential to entirely transform your business. I promise! So do give it a go and see how your type (together with the explanation you’ll also receive) could help you seriously raise your game when it comes to your online visual presence.

Can’t wait to see what you do with this resource.



Dee x

P.S. Remember, if you have any questions, simply pop them in the comments below.


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