Sure you can just pick some colours for your brand

Sure you can just pick some colours for your brand, maybe you like green, so just use that. Or Gold, that seems to be in right now.

Sure you can just pick some words, whatever slips off the tongue
You can just grab any ol’ image and slap it on the page

You can just pluck a price out of thin air
You can just post a few FB ads and see what happens

But if you’re going to put your energy into something, if what you’ve got is worth your time, if it’s worth the time & money of the people who are going to buy it, then why waste your skills and expert know how creating something with little thought to the way it looks, when it’s those looks that create an emotional reaction that help trigger the desire to buy, it’s those visuals that the brain processes first, before you’ve had time to read the words your mind is already connected to the visual message that your colours, fonts and images are saying about you.

Why choose these things randomly, with little thought, when a simple understanding of how to use visuals can help create the kind of strong emotional reactions that get people buying.

Why pick any old thing to represent your expertise and hard work when you can choose colours and fonts and images that enhance your message and make deeper connections with your customers.

It doesn’t have to be hard.
It doesn’t have to be costly.
BUT It does have to see your investment.

Investment in your time, understanding the psychology behind all these choices and the science that goes into design.

Or Investment in working with someone who gets it. Someone who spends alllll their time researching and understanding these things so you don’t have to invest your precious time. Because your time is the most precious thing you have. You know that, right?

You get to choose. Invest your own time or invest in someone else’s time. But you get to choose one way or the other. Why leave it to random and risk ruining all your hard work when you can create a huge effect with very simple changes.

If you’re feeling a little ‘meh’ about your business right now, if you’ve got great plans, you know where you’re going, you have a business, you have your brand, it’s been working well for you so far but you want to take things to that next level. Everything about you is ready to go pro, you’ve taken that first step, you really know your stuff, you’ve found your expert voice and you’re starting to attract more of the right customers but something is holding you back.

Take 5 minutes and look at what your visuals are saying about you.

Look at your website, look at your Facebook page, your Instagram account, look at the last visual you put out for your brand. And be honest. How do you feel looking at it?

What words come into your head?

Write these down, and then think about the message you are sharing, what you are putting out there, what you are selling to your customers and write down 3 words that you want people to feel when they think about working with you.

Then look at both lists. Do they match? Are the visuals you are putting out there aligned with your business values.

Be honest. If they don’t then start today, start consciously choosing images and fonts and colours that reflect your core brand and business values and if you don’t quite know, if you’re not sure what your visuals are saying about you, if you don’t really know what you’re trying to say about you, and you don’t know how to create visuals that communicate, connect and ultimately convert your perfect customers.

I invite you to start right now, book your CTFO with Dee Session and together we’ll create your personable professional visual story that reflects your core message, connects with your perfect customers and takes your business to that next level.

It’s not art. It’s science.

It’s not about what looks good it’s about what works for you and it’s this level of thinking you need to apply to your brand, your visuals and the marketing you put out there.

You can’t create your next level business without knowing this, really knowing it.

Together we’ll review your current brand identity and map out the strategic changes you need to create the kind of brand that reflects your expertise and attracts more of the right people for your business, we’ll map out what you need to do right now to CTFO and get your new professional brand out there. We’ll review your initial website and make strategic plans for what and how you can take this to the next level, the level you know you should be playing at and the level where your perfect customers are waiting. Then we’ll plan out the steps you can take yourself, what you need to get in place, and what help you need to really Crack The Fuck On.

No messing about, no waiting on things to happen around you, this is your action taking session. This is where you can get stuff done.

But for you action takers, for you lovely people who have read these posts all this time I want to give 1 session away for free.

Yup. I’m gifting 1 CTFO with Dee Session (value £950) for FREE.


To be in with a chance of winning this session simply pop over to my Facebook page (like it if you haven’t already!) locate the pinned post, tell me what you favourite colour is and most importantly why.


The winner will be picked at random on 21st May 2015 which is actually my 5th year celebrating leaving the employed world behind and setting out on my own. That’ll make celebrating with you even sweeter. And because it’s the 5th celebration year, there might just be another surprise for those who enter!

To be in with a chance of winning head over to my Facebook page locate the pinned post, tell me what you favourite colour is and most importantly why.

And I’ll announce the winners on 21st May 2015

If you’re a keen action taker and you want to book your CTFO with Dee session right now. Click here to apply

But that’s enough from me, check out below what a few CTFO’ers had to say following their sessions with me…


“I had fallen out of love with my website, my business had evolved and my website wasn’t reflecting it! This is when I turned for Dee for help, I loved the look of her stuff and wanted to have a brand I could be proud of. Dee spend time with me on the phone to understand my business and explained to me that the colours I was using simply weren’t working for me anymore. Dee then present me with a new colour palette I could use for my business. I cannot explain to you how much this has changed the look and feel of my website and overall branding, I now feel proud of my website and always find it really easy to create new promotional material as I have my colour palette to refer back to! Thank You Dee for giving me a website and branding I can be proud of xx”

Emma Melhuish –


Creating a course is a painstaking process where the smallest things could be the difference between success or failure. Working with Dee has been a blessing as just her review alone highlighted areas we never would have considered. Dee’s depth of expertise is fantastic, her professionalism is superb and speaking with her is a pleasure. We couldn’t have been happier! Thanks Dee!”

Allen Vaysberg –


“Thank you so much Dee, I look forward to working with you again on my high end project.”

Rachel Guy –


“You know you can’t believe how much money (££,£££s) I’ve spent on marketing / sales coaches who have not brought that distinction to me because they too have been telling me – not showing me and certainly not teaching me! Thanks for your encouragement and words of wisdom; Inspired once again by your mentorship. 

Julie Kerr – BulimiaFree

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