It’s all about the visuals

Legs tucked up on the couch, you grab you giant mug of coffee, and the latest glossy to hit your doormat. Time for some “you” time.

You turn the first page, and then the next, and then the next.

You, my friend, are a flicker. You’re don’t pore over each and every word of those carefully crafted articles. You skim the pages, only bothering with the bits that grab your attention.


Why is that? Why aren’t you reading that bad boy, cover to cover?

The world is a visual place.

And that little nugget applies to the realm of social media marketing too.

Think of the way you respond to content on your favourite platform. I’m betting those things that make you stop and stand to attention are the images that stand out in your feed, not the blur of text on either side.

It’s a cliche, put a picture IS worth a thousand words. Visuals allow you to ‘say’ more than words, in much less space. And when time is short, and attention spans limited, that’s what you want.

It’s what those magazine moguls do, and it’s what we should be doing as business owners.

But why? What’s the point of putting such a focus on imagery?

The main goal when using visuals across any social platform is to inspire action (and this goes for your website too). You want to tell a story, evoke an emotion and “sell” yourself as an expert. You want to respond to what your customers want. You want to show your brand personality. You want to start a conversation.

This is the step that can generate leads for your business, but there are two, deathly important, forget-them-and-you-will-fail-at-life factors to remember.

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Following trends, rather than developing your own voice, is simply stupid. It’s no way to communicate with your audience if you want them to remember you.  You’ll just start getting lost in the crowded online marketplace.

The same goes for relying on bland stock photography – it doesn’t reflect anything about your brand, your business or YOU. You want your content to be striking and memorable, not “meh”, and repetitious.

So how do you bring signature sass to your visuals?

Unfortunately, there’s no set blueprint for what will work for you. Your way will probably be different to my way. But knowing your brand (and your ideal customers) will help you create the right images – the ones that make you stand out, and bring traffic back to your website.

Invest in developing your own brand style. This needn’t be expensive or time consuming, but it has to be done. Understanding the basics (and applying these) will help you use visuals in a way that is profitable to your biz and positions you far above the competition.

To get started on defining your personal brand, check out my free, 5 part series 5 Steps to Your Fearless, Focused Brand


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Selling too often, or not selling enough, are two of the biggest blunders I see across social media.

Creating visuals that CONSTANTLY sell you and your offerings (no matter how subtly) will exhaust your audience. They’ll get so used to seeing salesy stuff that they’ll glaze over every time you pop up in their feeds.

The other extreme has a similar effect. If your audience are used to consuming all of your free content, they won’t respond to any salesy calls-to-action you try. They might even get offended that you’re daring (!) to sell to them.


So how do you balance your visual content strategy?


Only you know how much content you want to be sharing, but always aim give three times as much as you ask (i.e. give away three pieces of free, no-pitch content, followed by one selling-focused piece).

Being consistent with your approach is important too. Ghosting your audience will not help you sustain a bond, neither will spontaneously flooding their feeds when it suits you.


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