“if it’s not a fuck yes, it’s a fuck no”

A good friend and true advocate of the fuck yes life introduced me to this simple, powerful, two-word phrase and it’s been everything ever since.

Saying fuck yes should be a daily occurrence in your business, your life your brand. 

If it’s not a fuck yes why are you even doing it?!

When it comes to your brand if it’s not making you shout FUCK YES then it’s certainly not getting your customers saying fuck yes to working with you! 

And if that’s not happening then something has got to change. Fast.

Your brand should be designed to get you & your customers screaming FUCK YES every time they see something from you.

“If it’s not a fuck yes then it’s a hell no”

I don’t know where I heard that first, but I know I’ve heard it so many times now and yet I still find myself saying ‘meh – maybe tomorrow’ but when it comes to your brand ‘meh – maybe tomorrow’ is as good as NO.

If your brand isn’t giving you all the fuck yesses right now then it’s time you did something about that.

You could listen to this, get all fired up to do something, start looking for next steps, do a bit of googling and then get distracted by that thing you do to pay the bills…

You could crack right on and commit to doing the work with a designer, go looking for one of those and get confused and overwhelmed and decide to look again in the new year!

Or you could sign up to one of those online group brand programs out there that promise to solve all your problems and might very well do so when you put in the work, so longs you find the right one. 

One that balances strategy and design so you build your brand internally and externally. You’ll want to find a unicorn-like strategic designer for that **wink, wink** I might know one of those – Brand & Launch program is in session right now, jump on the waitlist to find out when the doors open and grab yourself a VIP bonus!

Whatever you choose.

If your brand isn’t a fuck yes right now you’ve got to change that. 

The longer you leave it the more damage you’re doing to your brand. 

If you’re looking for a designer to work with, if you’re looking for a designer who gets what brand strategy really means, one that knows your brand can be the most powerful tool you have in your marketing tool kit.

Make sure you get that ‘fuck yes’ feel for working with the designer too!

Part of your brand designer’s job is to get inside your head and help you pull out the ideas you have, to take that vision you have for your business and translate it into the visuals you use in your brand.

You don’t need to know what you want your brand to look like when you get started. That’s your designer’s job to help you figure it out along the way.

But you have to trust that your brand designer is the right one for you. You have to know that they have a process that is going to help you figure out your brand along the way.  You have to be able to pour your guts out to this person so they can get to the core of you and get all that messy middle into a brand that makes you shout FUCK YES!

And that starts by getting the fuck yes feel for working with your brand designer too!

So if you know your brand needs some work and working with a designer has been on your ‘must look into it more’ list. Then there are a few things to look out for.

Choose a brand designer who

  • Knows the difference between brand strategy & brand design – and knows how to implement BOTH for you!
  • Has a trusted process for designing your brand – inside & out
  • Asks deep questions in a light and easy way – working with your designer should feel like a chat over a bottle of wine with your best mate!

DO NOT choose a brand designer who

  • Shows you lots of similar design examples – NEVER choose a designer based on a design style you like! Your brand design should come from inside you, not from an example you like of someone else’s style!
  • Doesn’t actually do the design work – strategy & design are 2 different processes BUT they are not mutually exclusive, work with a designer who understands how to work with you on brand strategy or a brand strategist who knows how to work with you on design, one who values both skills equally and can implement both sides of the brand process with you.
  • Copies rather than creates! Ok, that sounds a bit crazy right, but if you see something that you think you have seen before it’s likely you have and you are looking at a copy – you’re worth more than a copy – do your due diligence and be sure you’re working with a brand designer who creates not copies!

And above everything. 

Choose a brand designer who makes you say ‘fuck yes’

You don’t need to know exactly what you want. Just know that saying FUCK YES is what you want – for your business, your brand, your life!

Dee Woodward
– Brand designer to the FUCK YES business owners

FUCK YES Brand design is what we do here.

We got to the fuck yes in record time on the last 2 brand projects we’ve been working on here, which means I’ve got space for 1 more fuck yes brand before the end of the year.

Ready to create your FUCK YES brand?

Email: dee@bydeesign.co.uk with the subject ‘fuck yes’ to find out more, and head into the new year celebrating having clarity, confidence and connection in your brand that not only gets you shouting fuck yes but gets your customers saying it to!

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