I want what she’s got…

It’s OK, you can be honest with me. I know you have a little bit of ‘business envy’ when it comes to those individuals who seem to be rocking it!

You know the ones I mean. They’re the ‘business crush’. The ones who seem to sell without trying. The ones with super loyal fans who can’t put a foot wrong!

You’re pleased for them, you probably even buy from them! But there are times you find yourself scratching your head – especially when it’s someone dominating in your world. Thing is you know more than they know, you offer better services than they do, and you deliver better results.

So why are these other guys getting all the attention?

It’s not fair, is it?

So tell me – would you like to learn more about a strategy these ‘I want what she’s got’ business owners use to ensure their success? Would you like to learn tips and practical tools that will help you earn the attention needed to be someone else’s business crush?  

If so, you’re in the right place – because I’m going to let you into one of their secrets :-)

Inspire emotion, create an experience, build your loyal tribe

I’m Dee Woodward and I’m obsessed with great design that gives you the three Cs (that’s Clarity, Confidence, and Cash.)

I’ve always had a thing for design. I remember being obsessed with the patterns on the Easter eggs I got as a child. In fact, I still have my carefully flattened-out collection of wrappers safely stored at my mum’s house because they’re far too precious to throw away!  

But you know what, my 7-year-old self was onto something.

If you want to be ‘I want what she’s got’ brand, visuals hold far more weight than you might think. That’s because our brains are hardwired to respond to and process visual information first. This means your brand’s colours, fonts, and images will inspire an instinctive emotional reaction – and this response happens whether you consciously influence it or not.

This means your visuals:

  • Decide your customer’s all-important first impression of you and your brand
  • Inspire the way customers experience and interact with you and your brand
  • Fascinate and help build meaningful connections between you and your perfect customers – so the right people feel compelled to work with you

That’s why visuals are a powerful tool that can help you earn the attention you need to be someone else’s business crush.

But as you might have figured out already, the answer is not as simple as creating just any ol’ visuals. I know it’s tempting and I know there are many graphics tools out there that make it easy for non-designers to DIY their own images.

Unfortunately, a big chunk of the stuff created with these tools is, well, ‘crap’. And crap design is bad because it doesn’t create the connections and experiences that make you the ultimate ‘I want what she’s got’ brand.

But don’t worry, if you’re making any of these common visual sins:

  •    Inconsistency
  •    Forgetting to reflect your brand’s personality
  •    Showing up like your competitors  
  •    Doing the same on-trend thing as everyone else (like those horrifying colour boxes popping up everywhere on Facebook right now, just stop already!)
  •    Loading up on stock images without stamping your uniqueness

… keep reading because I’ll show you how to fix them – permanently.


Let’s Crack The F*ck On!

There are just four steps to creating an ‘I want what she’s got’ brand that creates the experiences, which compel the right people to buy from you.

This process is called CTFO. It stands for Core, Tribe, Feelings, and Offerings.

And CTFO just so happens to be one of my all-time favourite phrases too – crack the f*ck on!

Which is exactly what we’re going to do now!

So let me show you how CTFO can help you build a kick-ass, irresistible, distinguishable, eye-catching, memorable,’I want what she’s got’ brand.

Here goes.


CORE – the one thing everything about your brand is built around

First things first.

If you want to be someone else’s business crush you MUST put yourself first. In other words, you must build your brand around YOU.

I know, it’s a bold and scary move, but it’s a non-negotiable if you want to nail this thing.

Your personality and individuality are hugely valuable when it comes to building a brand. That’s because it’s the only thing no one else can copy. Remember, information is thrown around like confetti online. What your customers are looking for is a helping hand, a guide, someone they can trust to help them decipher the advice and then take action so they can get the results they need.

Of course, that guide is YOU.

More specifically who you are, what you know, and how you know it. This is the substance that sits at your brand’s core.

It’s easy to do this. Simply think about all the things that make you – YOU! Ask yourself what do you love most in all the world?

STOP and make a note of these things now….

Remember, you don’t have to restrict yourself to work related stuff. Instead, pick things that give an insight into your world. It’s well worth the effort because these little characteristics and preferences are like marketing gold when it comes to building your brand visually. That’s because they give you something meaningful to lean on.

So for example:

  • I love the colour orange
  • Coffee is a big part of my day, and
  • I have an obsession for repeating patterns (remember those Easter eggs)

So it won’t surprise you to know that all these show up in my brand – because they give my audience a feel for who I am and what I’d be like to work with.   

Can you see how this works?

Once you identify things that reflect who you are, you can personalise your brand – and then use that personality to attract people you know will connect with you.

And as an added bonus, when you base your brand on YOU, it’s going to grow with you. So you won’t have to go through a massive revamp every few years. Instead, you can make the subtle tweaks and changes as you yourself change and grow.


TRIBE – who you want to work with

Yes, there’s no mistake that this comes second! After all, you don’t want to attract any old customer, do you? Instead, you want to attract people who love you and have a crush on you! So only once you’ve figured out how to present yourself online should you turn your attention to the people you want to work with.

Let me show you an easy way to identify these people.

Now you may be pleased to know I’m not going to ask you to do a customer avatar. This so-called tool makes me want to run for the trees and never see a computer again! OK, that may be a bit dramatic, but I’ll explain why this tool frustrates me so much.

An avatar is usually a made up person. As a result, it’s really difficult for you to connect with that person. Far better to focus your tribe on someone who actually exists.

Let me show you how to do this.

First up think about a REAL person you’d love to work with.

This could either be someone who’s already your customer or the type of person you’d like to attract. But they must be real. Someone you know in real life.

Next, get to know this person like a best friend. Things like:

  • What they value
  • What makes them tick
  • What they love most in the world, and why
  • What they hate most – those little things that really get their goat
  • What they get up to on the weekends
  • Their dreams, fears, and everything in between!

Of course, as this is a real person you can use Facebook and other social platforms, responsibly, for a little bit of investigative stalking!

And the payoff is huge.

When you spend the time really getting to know this person, you’ll be able to connect with them on a completely different level to your competitors. You might even get to the point where a single, well-timed emoji reduces them to shrieks of laughter!

But here’s the real gold. When you intimately know who you want to attract, you’ll be able to imagine exactly how they’ll experience and interact with your brand. And with this level of intelligence, just imagine how much more effective you’ll be when using visuals to attract your perfect customer. 


FEELINGS – how people instinctively feel when they interact with your brand

OK, this is SOOOO very important.

How a person feels about your business is everything. Feelings hold the purse-strings and determine whether or not people buy from you. That’s why you must get clear on the emotions you want to inspire when people interact with your business.

Let me give this some context for you.

I want you to imagine your favourite shop. Just visualise it for a moment and allow yourself to remember how you feel when you’re inside it.

Now if that shop has done a good job, they’ll have created an experience for you that makes you feel a particular way. This experience is the collective result of everything that takes place within the shop. For example, the type of music played. The style of the shop fittings. The colours and fonts. The images that represent the type of people they want to attract. Even the way the staff behave and interact with you.

Take Starbucks for example. I LOVE Starbucks coffee, but I tell you, the Starbucks coffee you buy in the supermarket doesn’t taste quite the same when you drink it at home. It may be the same coffee, but when it’s not enjoyed within the Starbucks experience it doesn’t taste as good.

That’s the power of a brand experience – the ability to evoke specific feelings and a deep connection with a company.

And that’s how a brand can create ridiculous levels of loyalty – to the extent that customers won’t even consider going anywhere else.   

When you set out to create a specific experience around your brand, you can inspire your clients to feel a particular way about you. And the best thing is you have TOTAL control over what those feelings are. You simply need to get clear on the associations that you want to evoke.

So let’s do that now.

What thoughts and feelings do you want your clients to associate with you and your brand?

Write these down – because you’ll need them when we get to the practical training that’s coming up

OFFERINGS – what you’re selling

OK, so this is a whole other training, but for the purposes of completeness, I want to introduce you to the final part of the CTFO process. It’s your OFFERINGS – i.e. what you actually want to sell!

Once you’ve cracked your CORE, TRIBE, and FEELINGS, your offerings will sell that much easier. That’s because when you’re an ‘I want what she’s got’ brand, people will WANT to buy what you sell because they love who you are, what you stand for, and trust that you’ll be able to help them get the results they want.


So there you go. A summary of the four-step CTFO process – and how to put it to work in your business

For sure, we’ve only scratched the surface of the detail needed to define your brand style.

However, armed with this overview you already know more than most people about the thinking and preparation needed to create an ‘I want what she’s got’ brand that creates an experience, which makes the right people want to work with YOU.

And I’ve not finished yet!

I want to give you a shortcut. I want to help you understand your brand’s CORE – so you can CTFO with creating unique visuals that inspire the feelings and experiences you want to create for your perfect customer.

So let’s get cracking with figuring out your brand style.


Are you a Disruptor, a Purist, or something else?

I hope you’re convinced that it’s a REALLY good idea to put you and your personality at the core of your brand. And if you jotted down earlier some of the things that make you, YOU then you’ve already started to bring your core to life.

Now I want to help you go a step further by showing you examples of colours, fonts, and images that would suit you.

Yup, it’s time to take the Branding Personality Quiz!

This is a tool that’s been created from my too-many-years-of-experience. It’s going to help you get super clear on how your personality differs from the other ‘experts’ that are showing up in your world – so you can show up in your own unique way CONSISTENTLY.

It takes just a few minutes to sit the quiz, so get cracking now and then come back here for the final practical training. After all, this branding, design, and visuals stuff doesn’t mean much until you take action. So to help you CTFO and make your brand an ‘I want what she’s got’ brand, I want to finish up by walking you step-by-step through the process of creating your very own professional visuals using my all-time favourite template.

But first, you’ve got to take the quiz so you have a CORE to work with.


Did you take the quiz yet? If not, go do it now!! You’ll get much more value from this final bit once you know which of the 6 core personality types you fall into.

So what did you come back as?

Great stuff… Now let me show you how you can create clear, confident, cash-generating graphics that reflects this brand style in minutes.

Best of all, once you’ve been through this training you’ll have the knowledge and skills needed to keep building your online presence through unique visuals that make your business an ‘I want what she’s got’ brand.


And if you have any questions, post them below and I’ll do my best to answer them

I can’t wait to help you CTFO with visuals that make you the next business crush that everyone is talking about.

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