I want more of you, please

I could go into all the reasons WHY putting the you back in your business is really important, why your customers and prospects are desperate for more of you, and why you really are the key to building a brand that boosts your profits but you know that already, so, lets focus instead today on how you actually get the right amount of you in your business.

3 1/2 simple secrets to stop thinking and start doing it now:

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1. Blog about you!

– See I said this was simple!
Your potential customers are looking for a reason to connect with you, so give them one! Tell them what you think, even tell them why you think they should connect with you! What is it that you want to do for them? and why is it so important to you that it’s you they speak to? Write a you based post, get your thoughts out there, it’s a scary thing to do, because most of us are taught to do the exact opposite all our lives, to be seen and not heard, but now is not the time for that, I’m giving you permission to be heard! Share your point of view, some people might not get you, but some people will LOVE you and that’s got to be a great thing right!

People need to be reminded that there is a person behind all that useful business information you are putting out there.


Switch off the dreaded “marketing talk” in all your social profiles and your ‘about’ page on your website. Step outside of your comfort zone, strip off all that business chatter, and just get real about what you do and why you love doing it. This is your business, reconnect with your why story and tell people something that really means something.
Try this: your talking to your best mate, someone you have known forever, who just isn’t going to take you spouting marketing spiel at them! so, without thinking too much fill in the blanks below:
Hi, I’m _________________. I help people  ___________________. I do this because __________________. And I love _________________________.
and there we go, we’re starting to get to know you better already!

3. Tell me more about you

– Again, it’s so simple it’s often overlooked

Facebook, Twitter and the like are not just for sharing relevant links to interesting articles about your business sector, that’s great, and it has it’s place, but come on admit it you get bored when all you see are people ‘talking’ business ALL the time! I’m your potential customer and I want to get to know, I want more of you, if I’m going to trust you with my hard earned cash I want to know who you really are. Although I’m not suggesting you start telling me what you are cooking for dinner every night (unless of course you’re a health coach, or chef!) But let me know what shows you are watching, the books you are reading or the kind of web sites you like to go to.

So, when you are next on Twitter, or Facebook, tell me something about you that’s not just work related, we’re all really just looking for more interesting things to like and know, these are the simple things that make us connect with your brand better.



I’ve called this one half a secret because it follows on from number 3. Do you knit? Then Feature one of your creations in a blog post. Love coffee more than anyone else you know? Write a post about it’s role in your working day! Are you really in to photography, are you addicted to instagram on your iPhone!? Then get sharing your snaps online, show us some photos that you love. Perhaps you spend all your spare time with your head in some inspiring books? Well I want to know, share them with me, create a page on your website NOW all about the books you’ve read, what you’ve learnt from them, and why you think I would be inspired by them. People LOVE this, your potential customers will love this. In the cold world of competing online, where your biggest competitor is only ever one tiny mouse click away all this extra personal stuff makes you so much easier to love, it’s warm, it’s friendly, and feels like a big loving hug, and who doesn’t love a big hug!


Dee’s BIG BRAND Challenge!

For extra DeeBrand credit: find a way of bringing one thing that you love outside of your business into your brand on a permanent basis. This is your weekly challenge to post a blog, or tweet, or update your Facebook status, or just share somehow a connection between your life outside your business and your business itself.


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