I still want more of you

Im at the risk if pointing out the obvious here, but in our quest for being the best it can be easy to forget that

being yourself is pretty much the most kick ass thing you can do for your business, your brand, and your own sanity!

People talk about it all the time but it’s not as easy as it sounds, especially in business, so today it’s less about the talking and more about the doing. I’m going to share with you 3 and a half simple, but super effective actions you can start doing right now to help you put the ‘you’ back in your business.

I also created a mini Get DeeBranded action guide to putting the ‘you’ in your business to help you keep that balance just right and that’s here for you to download right now.

But don’t just watch this video, download the guide and do nothing… take action… your little bit of DeeBrand Action today is to find a way of bringing one thing that you love outside of your business into your brand on a permanent basis. Set yourself a weekly challenge to post a blog, or tweet, or update your Facebook status, or just share somehow a connection between your life outside your business and your business itself.

Now don’t just keep them to yourself… leave a comment on this page and let me know how you got on,

See you soon,


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