I need to talk to you about money

I need to talk to you about money, about my money and why you’re making it so difficult for me to pay you.

I’m trying to give you money right now, trying to buy what you’re offering, I’m trying to come on over to your world and become a lifelong lover of everything you do…

it all starts with that first sale, so make it easy for me.

And by ‘me’ I’m talking about all your potential customers.

The ones sitting there with their wallets out wanting to buy from you. I know because I’ve been there not once but twice this week.

Two times this week I’ve tried to spend money with people and either point blank couldn’t or it’s taken me way longer than it should.

And it got me thinking about my own business, and yours too, and how easy or difficult we might make it for people to spend with us.

From the basic payment processing tools, we choose to use, to the hidden pages of information people have to jump through to find out what it is you’re selling.

How easy are you making it for your customers to buy from you?

And more than that. How much fun are you weaving into the process?

Let’s make the experience of buying fun, for everyone.

Traipsing through pages of content, unnecessary pop-up windows, checkboxes and t&cs, might be needed but how can you make them part of a process that is fun for your customers. That reminds them at every step of the buying stage that you are the person they want to buy from, that your brand is one they want to be associated with and hand over their cash to.

And it’s not just me who’s feeling this way.

This conversation is one that’s popped up time and time again. Most specifically last week in conversation with some business buddies of mine over why anyone would not have PayPal as an option on their sales page. Now I know there are many reasons not to have PayPal, fees for one, personal or political reasons another, but let’s face it PayPal are the big players when it comes to processing payment online, they are the trusted majority, pretty much anyone buying online knows and uses PayPal. Especially in the online product market.

Your customers know, trust and use PayPal.

It’s one-click easy for your customers to buy from wherever they are without having to go searching for their bank details, without having to move more than a thumb. Right there at that moment, they have the urge to buy your thing, with PayPal as a payment option in seconds you’ve got a customer.

Or you can force card payment only through a different processor. Make that customer have to think about where their wallet is. Go search for it and in the same time get distracted, decide that they’ll buy your thing another time and vamoose that would be client disappears.

So, do yourself and your potential client a favour. Take a look at your payment options. Look at your sales process from the viewpoint of your customers and do two things;

Make the process as EASY as possible

Make the process as FUN as possible

Then come back and let me know how you got on. What your sales process looked like before and what you can do to make it easy and fun for your customer.

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