How you, too, can have a winning business in 2016!

So, you’ve made your New Year resolutions, right?

Never mind all that lose-weight-get-fit-stop-drinking malarkey, we’re talking making 2016 the Year of your Business! The year you stop thinking about starting one and finally DO IT or you take the business you already have and ramp it up to the next, bloody amazing, level.


One person who’ll be ramping things up this year is The Apprentice winner Joseph Valente, who, thanks to Lord Alan Sugar’s spondoolies, will be taking his company, Prime Time Plumbers, to world domination (well, further than his Peterborough patch anyway).

I’m liking Joseph. Once he’d ditched that moustache, I knew he was in with a chance of winning. Authenticity is key to a successful business and, well, when you’ve got a touch of the used car salesman about you then customers ain’t going to want to know (with apologies to any authentic used car salesmen out there).

Being authentic also means having a freaking’ good back story that makes customers go ‘Wow – really? You did that? You made that happen? Dude, you’re totally awesome!’ And Joseph sure knew how to pull out the aces on that one. After getting expelled from school, he read Sir Sugar’s autobiography, vowed to be the boy-who-done-good and got out there and set up his own plumbing company. You totally buy into his story and his brand.

Trouble is, he cocked up big time on selling that brand. You see, Joseph was the brand. He was the trustworthy, reliable face of the business. But did he appear in his own television ad? Er, nope. It was like ‘Where’s Wally?’ – or should I say ‘Where’s Joseph?’ The ad completely bypassed his back story, his personality, his trustworthy USP. Frankly, the ad could’ve been for any old plumbing company.


As for the digital ad, it was a real ‘Meh’ moment.


And I’ve got to tell you people, a successful business should NEVER, and I repeat NEVER, have a ‘Meh’ moment. It was just completely underwhelming.


Like when you go to a posh restaurant expecting a culinary orgasm and the teeny-tiny miniature-sized portions leave you going ‘Yeah, um, that was OK.’

Handily for Joseph, he’s got Lord Sugar to help him with branding from now on in. Handily for you, you’ve got me!


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I set up the Get It ByDeesign membership, so people who haven’t got 1000s to spend on designers and marketing managers can have their very own marketing department. No kidding, it’s like a great big tub of Quality Street, except it’s got a PICK ’N’ MIX OF DELICIOUS DESIGN TEMPLATES instead of chocolates, it’s just as tasty but without the guilt!

It’s quite literally ALL the marketing templates you could ever need, and ones you didn’t even know you needed til you saw ’em! Picture a sea of eye catching Facebook covers, ready to edit ebooks, digital flyers and more. They’re so damned tasty YOUR CUSTOMERS WILL KEEP COMING BACK FOR MORE. Those design templates will rock your world, and show your customers that you totally mean business.


And if you’re thinking ‘Design? Me? Nah,never gonna happen!’ then think again, my friend. The Get It membership makes doing this stuff crazy easy.


You’ll get templates, tutorials and workshops that don’t just take you by the hand, they’ll stroke you with super-soft support and encouragement, plus you can dip into the members-only Facebook page for some motivational cheerleading any time you like.

And if that wasn’t already enough to make you feel all warm and tingly, wait until you see the NEW SIX TRIGGER TRAINING – more fantastic marketing wisdom that will have your customers falling over themselves to get to you and your products – we’re talking a selling stampede here, people!


It all kicks off this month with ‘MAKING FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT’ – getting your business noticed for the right reasons from the get-go.


Join me in this module and together we’ll design the right first impression for your business, the kind the communicates who you are and what your do in a way that gets your perfect customers taking action… because when it comes to great design ACTION is what it’s really all about.


But it doesn’t stop there, there are 6 triggers in total and Making the Right First Impression is only number 1. Over the next 5 months we’ll be sharing the next 5 triggers you need to get right if you want people to talk about you – for the right reasons and say “YES” to pretty much everything you suggest…

* Designing the sexiest opt-in on the planet (getting a ‘No’ is not an option!)

* How to keep your customers sweet with pitch-perfect visuals

* Making your content the thing everyone wants to hold

* What getting sales just from being you really looks like (it’s that authenticy thang exposed!)

* Keeping the customer love coming

THESE SIX TRIGGERS WILL PUT A ROCKET UP YOUR BUSINESS – and then some! Think more customers, more happy customers, more sales, more profit. That’s got to be worth paying for, hasn’t it?

But, wait, you don’t have to pay for it!



Sign up for the Get It ByDeesign membership and you’ll get these six marketing strategies, one a month, absolutely FREE.


Yep, you read that right – it’s free to you as a Get It member.

The 6 Trigger Training will be available to buy on it’s own and when it is, the price will reflect it’s value, and it’s value is more than 10 times what you can get it for today.


Get instant access to Trigger #1 Training: Making The Right First Impression… PLUS 1000s of marketing design templates & tutorials designed to help you get your message out there, professionally and consistently.






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