How to create a Kick Ass Personal Brand when you really don’t like being in the spotlight

This is something I’ve been mulling over for a while because, well… believe it or not – I’m not really a fan of being in the spotlight.

Don’t get me wrong , I am quite outgoing, pop me in a room full of strangers and i’ll happily make new friends but being centre of attention is something I always struggled with. I do however love being around people who do like to be in the spotlight, which is why I love my ‘job’  as I get to help so many amazing people stand out and claim their own space in the spotlight and that’s taught me a lot about this topic which is why I wanted to share this with you today.

You don’t have to be a show off to be remembered!


Do you ever get that horrible feeling when you’re on stage speaking or when you’re trying to film a video or even write a blog post… when you feel like you might be coming over like an egotistical show off?

Yeah… well, me too!

It’s hard sometimes to ignore that little voice inside you which puts the fear of being a showoff in your head, the voice that starts making you think you’re going to be caught out as a fraud, why would all these people want to hear what you have to say hu?! Well they do, and if you are communicating your story in your voice building on your personal brand then you don’t need to hide behind a big persona, unless that really is you, you just have to be you.

That’s why I’ve developed my brand based on my personality, what you see today took years of finally accepting me for me and the awesome realisation that some people actually love me just for being totally me! Now that’s a great place to be. And I’m going to be completely honest with you, because we’re friends right?, I’m still not 100% comfortable being centre stage, it’s just not naturally me to want to stand up and take all the credit, I love my ‘job’ because I get to help other people take centre stage, when I see people I have worked with take their brands to new levels of success I get all warm and fuzzy and inwardly take a little piece of deflected glory and thats enough for me!


Creating a kick ass, stand out brand isn’t always about being remembered for being loud, brash and bold (although if that’s your thing then you go!  You rock!) – it’s just about being remembered for the message you share.


If you can connect what you’re saying to what people need to hear you’re onto a winner.

You can share your message quietly or loudly… it really doesn’t matter! So longs you are sharing your message in your voice then you’ll attract the kind of people you really want to your business.

The most important thing is that you’re saying something that is meaningful and real to you and that it connects with your audience on an emotional level.


What do they FEEL?

As a general rule of thumb EVERYTHING you ever put out there should evoke an emotional response in your audience. Whether that’s “OMG!  That’s SHOCKING!” or “Ahhh… how lovely is that?” the likelihood is that anything that get’s that kind of response is going to get REMEMBERED and as an extra special bonus… it will probably get shared via the social networks too!

A lot of business owners make the mistake of thinking that developing a brand is just for the big boys with fancy marketing budgets to “waste” on crazy design stuff but that’s just plain wrong!


Thinking like this is the same as saying your business is not important enough for you to spend time on, and if YOU don’t value your business as being important then why should your customers?!

Oooh – that’s  a humdinger of a question isn’t it!


Your brand needs to reflect your personality and it needs to bring to mind your message – that’s it!

It’s not rocket science!

So… my message for today is really this: understand what your true message is (the one that makes you want to get on your soapbox and shout it out for all the world to hear).

Think about what you stand for, what it is that you love doing for people, who the people are that you love and then find ways to say all that stuff in your own words, in your own style, with your own identity.

Et voila! One non spotlight focused Kick Ass Brand!

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