How to build a brand without copy or design… Yup… that’s what I said!

Some people might think I’m doing myself out of a job here BUT as a brand designer it’s my ‘job’ to help business owners build their brand, AND there are so many things you can do without paying a designer it just seems wrong for me to keep that all a secret, plus isn’t that completely the opposite of helping you build you brand if I don’t share these things with you…

So, what exactly IS a brand?

By now I am hoping you know it’s not a website or your logo or some amazing copy, no matter how amazing any of those things are.

Your brand is actually EVERYTHING you do!

It’s that one thing that your competitors (even if they hired the whole of MI5 to creep around keeping tabs on you) could not steal! It’s worth investing in, developing and protecting at all costs.

BUT how do you do that when you have little budget to spend?

Well, that’s exactly what I’ve got for you in today’s video…


Now don’t just watch this video and do nothing… take action… your little bit of DeeBrand Action today is to list 10 FREE ways that you could share your brand experience (hint: there are LOADS more than that!)

Answers on a post card… or leave a comment on this page and let me know how you got on

See you soon,


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