How to be everywhere…

Especially when the idea of creating content all the time sends you running to the depths of procrastination with a side of hiding under the covers!

Remember when you and your bestie first met. Two strangers becoming friends over shared interests, shared experiences, plus some magical connection that words can’t describe or explain :-)

Then, as your friendship strengthened, you just knew you were going to have a LOT of fun in the years to come.

Besties forever…


But here’s the thing…

While your friendship may start out with a magical connection, it can’t morph into something deeper until you really get to know each other.

Until you’ve had a few G&Ts and talked about the things you care about. Until you’ve shared your ideas and found your common ground.  Without those deep and meaningful chats, that extend long into the night, you can’t be friends for life!

That’s why friendship is built on conversations.

And it’s the same with digital brands.

OK, I know you’re sick of hearing this phrase, but I need to say it again because it’s so important!


Gone are the days of needing big budgets to reach your audience. Gone are the days of needing big budgets to even launch a business! If you have an idea, you can get it out there for very little effort.

There’s never been a better time to be an entrepreneur.

But there is a payoff for this freedom.

You need to be more accessible to your perfect customer.

Brands can’t afford to be faceless anymore. This even applies to the biggest brands. They still need to have personality. They still need to be approachable and personable – think the likes of Innocent Smoothies and Southwest Airlines.

That’s because social media, email marketing, and blog platforms have made conversation a business essential.

And I don’t just mean conversations to sell.


You’ve got to get engagement long before you ask your audience to pull out their purse! In this social media driven digital age, your tribe expects to be able to reach you.

  • They want to have conversations with you.
  • They want to know what you think.
  • They want to know what you spend your time doing.

They want to see the personality and the stories behind the brand – because that’s what draws them close. That’s what makes them feel connected to you. That’s how your audience can know you – even if you’ve NEVER spoken a word face-to-face.

Sure, it might feel a bit creepy – letting strangers into your inner sanctum!! But without these conversations, you can’t have a social brand and without that, you’ll struggle to make your mark in this increasing chatty age.  

So to put it bluntly –  and said with love!

If you’re not creating regular content that shares your ideas, starts conversations, and gives your audience a behind the scenes peek at who you are, YOU ARE MISSING OUT.

And I really don’t want that to happen to you

Which is why I’ve created a lil something that makes content creation simple. In fact, so simple that you need just 30 minutes a month to create beautiful branded graphics that keep you in the mix and away from radio silence.

Here’s what I’ve got…

Content creation – without the headaches, time drains, and ARGHs

I get it!

Content creation can take a whole lot of time – and time you don’t have when you’re busy juggling a million and one things, plus your business!

And if content creation isn’t your thing, you’re probably wondering how the heck you can be ‘everywhere’ when at times you struggle to be there for yourself.

Can you really afford to add ongoing content creation to your ever-growing to-do list?

Actually, that’s the wrong question.

It’s really a case of can you afford NOT to show up? Each day you’re not out there starting conversations online, making connections between what you do and what your customers want, your customers are joining someone else’s tribe!

If you’re not starting conversations, sharing your stuff, and creating a community where your tribe can be around you, these people that you could be helping with your stuff will simply move onto their next ‘crush’.

Unfortunately, we tend to be pretty fickle like that.

If we get bored or disappointed with our latest business find, we’ll just move onto the next shiny thing.

Harsh, but true.

Which is why content is essential – and why content repurposing is your new business bestie.

How to be everywhere
without actually being everywhere

Content repurposing is simple really, the practice of taking a core piece of content and then converting it into multiple pieces you can sprinkle around the internet like confetti at a Coldplay gig!

So let’s say video is your preferred method of content creation.

Instead of trying to create unique videos, blogs, emails, social media posts – and the endless ‘must haves’ that make you feel exhausted before you even get to the end of the list! FOCUS ON ONE.

Pick the one form of content that you most enjoy creating – so for this example, we’re saying that’s video – invest your time and energy in creating really valuable video content, and then repurpose the life outta that video!!

Here’s the clever bit.

We can use that video content to create everything you need to be omnipresent online! The kind of presence that gets people thinking WOW she must have a huge team behind her publishing this stuff. But we’ll know it’s just you, your camera and some very smart processes!

That might look like:

  • Upload your video to YouTube
  • Get your video transcribed and convert the content into a blog
  • Take that blog and convert it into an email, or a series of emails – size depending!
  • Pull out core quotes and create visual graphics for Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook
  • Pull out snappy paragraphs to create longer social media posts
  • Pull out short sentences for tweets

You get the picture.

In this case, one core piece – your video – can easily turn into 30 + pieces of content which you can share across your most valuable touchpoints. All without investing in a small team, or spending days thinking and creating new stuff.

It’s the easiest way to be everywhere – without actually having to be everywhere.

And best of all, you don’t have to do it all yourself. For example, you can have a copywriter turn your video into written copy. It’s not cheating because it’s all your ideas. They can just tweak and edit to make you sound even better!

You can have a VA go through your content to pull out the quotes and soundbites – and even schedule them.

And when it comes to visuals – well, I’ve got you covered there – but of course you already knew that!

*Disrupt The Timeline with 30 in 30*

With the right tools, visual content is about the easiest content to DIY – especially when you have the words extracted from your favourite method of content creation.

Not only do visuals take seconds to create, but they have the visual impact to disrupt the timeline.

  • They catch the eye and stop people scrolling
  • They get your audience familiar with your brand, and your personality, and your vibe
  • And they help you achieve your endgame of visibility and consistency

So to help you keep your sanity and create visuals that you’re proud of and that you love, I bring you 30 in 30 – The CTFO process for turning one piece of content into 30 social media posts in under 30 minutes

Click here to download the 30in30 Process Map
& join me for the training video going live on 14th August.

In this training, you’ll discover how to transform a core piece of content into 30, highly visual, beautiful branded graphics that you will love to share. No need to go near Canva and definitely no need to invest in costly, complicated, professional design programmes!

With 30 in 30, you’ll learn how to design your own daily graphics so you can get noticed and be seen – DAILY.

No time drains here because 30 in 30 takes less than 30 minutes leaving you with something visual that will help you share your brand EVERYDAY for the next month.

It’s the simple, professional, impactful, BRANDED content creation your business has been calling out for!

And you can get started right now when you grab the 30in30 Process Map

So Crack The F*ck ON!!

– Told you I got ya! –


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