How do you create a profitable personal brand without looking like a show off

Just be more you!

It sounds simple, but believe me I know how hard that can actually be, well I’m giving you permission here to just be you! Take a minute to look at yourself, what it is you are really good at and how it is you help people.

Once you know the answers to these questions you’ll be in the best position to start developing a personal brand which attracts the right people to you, creates your business profit without selling your soul and without you having to look like a show off!

Remember: No one likes a show off!

If you find it hard asking yourself these questions, ask a few of your nearest and dearest, but make sure you’re asking the friends and family who’ll tell you as it is! You’re not looking for approval or a pat on the back, but you just might need a helping hand from those who know you best to help you see what it is you do so naturally and what it is people really love you for.

That’s the true foundation of your personal brand

check out today’s video for a little more profitable personal brand building ideas…


And don’t just watch this video and do nothing… take action… your little bit of DeeBrand Action today is to email 7 of your closest friends, family and customers (if you’re really brave) and ask them how they see you, what it is they love about you, how you help them and what things you do that no one else can do as well as you. You might be surprised by the answers but that’s a good thing, having these answers is a great place to be.

Now don’t just keep them to yourself, let us know what you discovered, we’re you pleasantly surprised or a little shocked!… or leave a comment on this page and let me know how you got on…

See you soon,


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